the Darkness in EscapismMature


What do we do when we find that we can't escape from something?
We make ourselves more and more a part of it...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What some do with suicide, the others do with foolish pride.

Look what i've done with selfishness, i try and try to run from this.

They help me cope with all this fear, the dreams i spend away from here.

i'm falling faster everyday, the sun still shines and children play.

You knew me once yet screwed me twice, i take my own worst, shit advice.

The future holds the key in this, like peace of mind in callousness.

If i could see the end from here, clear my soul out, all fresh and clear,

i may just dispose of this rhyme, half drugged, half blind, i'm out of time...

The End

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