the dark is screaming.

The title's called ' the dark is screaming.'

I look through the darkness,
It stars back to me and screams
at me telling me I got one more shot,
To make things right.
Save her from herself.

I go over to her house,
She stands over the sink
Her wrists are bleedin'
Her mind is spininin'
I look at her tears are in her eyes.

You gotta see what I'm thinking
To see how it's ticking,
I smiled at my crew
and now my heart's in two.

Look at the hurt she caused,
think of what I did and scored,
Writing it off,
She looks at me about to turn prof.

Now she's gone and I stand,
Knowin' I caused this,
Her eyes stare at me and I don't beleive it,
She's rising out the grave and pointin'

I think I'm losin' it but she's still there
when I blink she don' disappear,
She's talking to me and she screams at me
' you've had yer chance and ya blew it!

Then the bell rings and I get up
I look at her in school
She looks away and I shout what's sup?
She turns and runs.

Baby I know I hurt you but this
nightmare never ends and I can't see
through the darkness and she's there
I get it and cock it.

I run to her house and I see her,
the nightmare begins again,
But this time I stop it
I cock it.

Hold it to my head and whisper good bye,
Blood pours I look, she's gone and everythings dark.
Momma help me I lost my sight and my mind.

I'm staring at it in my hand, it never fired
I wish it had
because baby you hurt me so bad.

The End

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