Dance Classes?!?!?!

Sari was soooo excited. For her eighth birthday, Grandma had given her a pair of ballet shoes and paid for lessons. She had wanted to dance for forever. Ever since she could walk she would run around on her tip toes, prancing to any music that she could hear.

Duane didn't want her to dance. He didn't want her to go anywhere. He didn't want to let go of her. He hated her.

As the first day of classes crept closer, she grew more and more excited. Anne made her a leotard and skirt. Tights were purchased, and the ballet shoes were broken in. She wore them everywhere she could. Every chance she got, she told someone about her ballet classes. She practiced her five positions and demi plies. She could not contain her excitement. The glow in her eyes was unmistakeable.

The End

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