One Year Later..

Core:  What happened?

Sane:  It has been slightly over a year since our last entry, if that is what you're asking.

Core:  No, I mean..  What happened to us?

Chaos:  Quite a bit of bull$#!%, that's what!

Crisis:  It seems that Sir Hirru has lost his writing ability.  His job is demanding and keeps him busy; he has been on an island for over a year; and he's got no motivation for it, anymore.

Core:  He's trying though.  I can see him getting all these ideas.

Sane:  What good is an idea, if you can't put it down on paper?

Boco:  Come on guys!  Let's give him the motivation to write again.  Some random idea, like always!

Chaos:  Sane just said that it's useless unless he, himself, writes it down.  *Banging noise*

Boco:  Oww! *Rubs welt on head*

Chaos:  That's what you get for asking stupid questions!

Crisis:  Now, now, Crisis.  We must be kind to the gentle being.  It only wishes our creator well.

Chaos:  Boco?  Gentle?  If that isn't an oxymoron, then I don't know what is.  If you think that a red haired, lollipop swinging, biscuit loving, emotional psychopath can be gentle; then you need to read up on his adventures.

Crisis:  I do know about the honorable beast.  His antics are well known throughout the realm.

Core:  Yet, you still call him "it" and "beast" when he is still a human being.

Chaos:  Wait?  Boco's a human?!  I mean, he looks like one, but..

Sane:  He is the manifestation of your deepest randomness.  Boco lives in all that is random, and appears in the form that you see fit.

Chaos:  He can be anything, and everything?  What the hell is he, damn it?!

Sane:  No one can say for sure, not even Hirru knows.

Crisis:  So he isn't our pet hamster?!

Chaos:  Wait, you seriously see him as a hamster?  A lollipop wielding hamster that eats anything in sight?

Crisis:  Yes, I thought everyone knew that?

All exempt Crisis & Boco:  *stare at Crisis for a while*

Boco:  *Scratching his head with his foot*  What were we talking about?

Chaos:  That's it!  *Repeated banging noises are heard*

Oh god, could you guys keep it down?  I'm still recovering from last night, and would like for my head to not be banging left and right.


. . .


The End

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