Dark Days

It's been a month since I promised to do a daily log.  How plans can falter, at a moments notice.  I've been slowly losing myself.  I don't know what to do.

Chaos: Kick your worries out the window.  Just let yourself go, be free.

I've been.. more emotional these days.  They.. want me to express myself more.

Chaos: It's alright.  What's so wrong with that?  Let it all flow out!

Boco: Yeah!  Just let it all out!

Chaos: Like hell, you're not getting in this one.  *Punt* Get the %^&* out!

I don't want to..  not now.  It may get out.  Something that I have rarely shown.  It.. scares me.

Chaos: Live like no other and it will all be okay.  There is nothing to be afraid of.

I don't want it to come out again.  Not again; not now.

Chaos: This will all blow over, if you just trust me.

I can't do anything without it behind all of it.

Chaos: Here is a tip:  Break out of your shell.

I.. I don't know what to think.  Everyone is making my decisions for me.

Chaos: Enough of them, let's talk about us.

What should I do?

Chaos: Make us whole.

Why am I like this?

Chaos: Align your heart!

Where am I?

Chaos: Live my anger!

Who.. am.. I?

Chaos: Let me out!

.  .  .

.  .  .

.  .  .


Chaos:  What?

No, I won't let it happen again.  Not like last time!

Core:  There's our creator's spirit!

Chaos:  Shut up!  Shut the #$%^ up!

My friends know.  They know what I can become.

Sane:  Good work, boy.  You're almost there.

Chaos:  No!  I almost had him!

Crisis:  It's alright, Chaos.  Maybe next time?

Chaos:  Says the 'Holier than thou art' guy.

Crisis:  Let's not bring that up again.

These guys don't.  They don't know what I can become.  What I release..

Boco:  Don't worry, they'll all love me soon.

They will never know.  What my anger is like.  Never again, will I succumb to the anger, to the temptations.

Chaos:  Damn it!  I almost had him too.

I'll keep going with my life, one step at a time.  One conflict after another.

Thank you for reading my little... scene.  I hope you enjoyed yourself.  I know I did.

The End

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