This is my life in the eyes of my characters. Pretty much, a dairy with commentary.


I am Hirru Ruikuni and this is the start of my web journal/diary.  This will be a look into my life using the random moments that make up me thinking like my characters.  You could also say it is character development; as I am constantly putting each character through their paces.

Core:  Are you seriously going to start this now?

Crisis:  Sir Core, please control yourself.  Young Hirru is still going through the intro.

Core:  He's taking way too long!  Gah!  Are there any caffeinated drinks in the fridge?!  I need to work off this tiring session.

Um, guys?  Could we not..

Core: What?

Sane: He wants us to be silent until introduced.  A futile effort, but commendable.  Please continue, Hirru.

Thank you, Sane!  I might as well start the introductions then!

Boco:  HAI!  Hi, I am.. *Gagging noises*

Chaos:  Not now, you bleeding imbecile!  Wait your !^(#ing turn!

Can I do this without you guys interrupting me like crazy?

All:  Get on with it!

Alright, if you haven't noticed by now; I, Hirru, will speak in normal text.  My characters will speak with their name appearing before their speech.

Elki:  Like this?

Yes, exactly like that!  Now, without further interruptions, I introduce the cast of this ridiculous idea that I just realized was pretty ridiculous.

Core: Greetings! I'm the weapons master, Core.  I personify Hirru's courage and insanity.  I carry his drinking problems, as well.  Thanks for making me addicted to caffeine, mate!

Sane: Hello, I am the magi, Sane.  I am portrayed through Hirru's intelligence and lack of enthusiasm.  I like to read books, and prefer to be alone.  ~Yawn~

Crisis: Welcome to our humble life, everyone!  I, the angel trainee, Crisis wish to tell you of my origins within Hirru.  I reside as Hirru's good nature and kindness.  Though, I do have a nasty streak of being quite racist, I've heard.  I still don't understand what they mean by that.  Oh!  My apologizes, I rambled on too much.

Chaos: You're damn right!  The people probably fell asleep from you talking so much!  How do you do?  I am the lord of the chaotic realm, Chaos.  Yes, I know; it isn't really creative.  !@#$ing bite me.  If you can't guess, I'm Hirru's anger and egotistical side.  Here is a question for you to think of, "What magical lord of a chaotic realm, USES A !@#$ING FRYING PAN!!"  Seriously!  Why?!

Boco: Oh my god!  I actually get screen time?  I get to be me now?  I'm crying so hard right now, you don't even know.  Oy there!  I'm Hirru's randomness, unpredictability, and emotional side.  I guess you could say that I am really weird, but you don't even know!  I just..  Blue.  Sorry, something blue hypnotized me.  I'm hungry.  I already ate the last of the peanut butter in the cabinet.  What do I do now?  Why?  Why?!  Oh wait, was I supposed to give a description of myself?

I don't think we have enough time, anymore.  I'm getting pretty tired, and I need sleep before we begin tomorrow.

Other 29 characters:  What about us?

You'll have your chance in further pages!  Yes, I have plenty of characters, but the five above are my main characters that generally come up in my mind.  The others are more random, and have their own quirks within my mind.  There may also be guest appearances from characters that my group of friends trend towards.

I would like to thank you for coming along for this tour of the world through our eyes.  I hope that we don't make the world any weirder than it already is.

All:  Too late for that.

The End

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