The Crime

Just a thought I had.

She was a criminal; she was looked down upon. As soon as the words left her mouth, everyone around her stared at her in horror, unable to believe their ears.

How dare she? How dare she even say that? Didn't she know how proud she was, how utterly inhumane her words had been...didn't she know that she had crossed a line that was unofficial but somehow understood?

She had defied the essence of their belief system, by saying those words. It was like blasphemy, directed toward the core of society's worldview.

They all silently moved away, their frowns never leaving their faces.

She had pushed the limits too far. She had said the unspeakable. And though everyone in the room secretly wanted to believe as she did, they didn't dare. If they dared to say what she'd said, the consequences would be just the same. They would be shunned, ridiculed, unbelieved.

And all she had said was, "I feel beautiful today."

The End

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