The Couple

This is about a couple realizing that they love each other so much but can't help but know the relationship will end. At the end of every relationship we know that we are hurt, and wonder if the other is hurting as bad, when in fact they both are. Hope you enjoy

  Her eyes are twinkiling towards him as he smiles at her, observing as the sun had been sparkiling off her eyes. Her feet were digging subtly into the sand as the sounds of the waves collapsed often. Her laugh was like a song being played on the radio and his laugh was like the sweetest guitar solo played. Awaiting the sun to set, he knew he would miss her and inside she knew she would miss him. They both never knew what could be obvious to anyone else, they would pass through each others minds. As their touch was real and burned so, as the stares were scaring and words sharp like knives. As she would reach for his hand and he'd hold on tight, promises were buried deep down in the mind, waiting to resurface over time. It would be her secret and it would be his secret even until their next meeting, if the words had been said aloud, but they hadn't. As the sun was coming to a yawn of its sleep and yonder only pondering did the couple wonder if they had hurt as much as they had invidually. "Do they know my pain?" There is no winnings to sticks that both hold a short end, even when picked randomly.

The End

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