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This is an outake from the second story. It's a great scene between the main characters Samantha and Victoria but it changed the mood of the story too much. I wanted it to remain a spy thriller. I'd like to do a whole erotic story with Sam and Victoria at another time since I really love writing about them. Here is the out-take please read, constructive comments and suggestions are always welcome.



The Couch Scene
They sat on the couch their legs intertwined in a sensuous knotwork of silky bodies.

“What a lovely way to spend the day,” Sam said falling into her arms.
Victoria smiled, “I can't think of anything better.”
“Well, breakfast certainly helped set the mood.”
She laughed. “Breakfast was good,” Victoria said kissing her.
Sam smiled, pulling Victoria's hair back. “Maybe we should, ah, get some more candles,” she said with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

“You like the wax don't you?”
She threw her head back,”I love the wax.”
“And champagne,” Victoria said kissing her neck.
“Tie me up and whip me,” Sam said laughing.
Victoria laughed then pulled back looking into her eyes, “Really?”
Sam hesitated for a moment, smiled then nodded, “Yeah.” They laughed hugging each other.
“Maybe next time,” Sam said.

Their eyes met. Sam brushed back Victoria's hair, cradling her face in her hands kissing her gently.
Victoria moaned and leaned back.
“Nice and relaxed?” Sam asked.
“Yeah,” Victoria said leaning all the way back on the couch.
“Do you want to just lie around here for the rest of the day?”
“Mmmm, tempting,” Sam said caressing her.
Victoria tossed her head back laughing, “How tempting?”
“Tempting, tempting like we need some wine and olives.”
“Ah,” Victoria said in a mock English accent. “That could work.”

She nodded, “We could dash out and get a nice bottle of wine and maybe some cheese.”
“Ooh, I like cheese.”
“And ah, some figs”
“No cheese platter is complete without figs,” Victoria said laughing and kissing her.

“And some chocolate,” Sam said.
“Mmm, where's the chocolate going?”
“Wherever you want it to.”
Victoria laughed, “Mmmm.”
Sam ran her hands along her leg, “Your skin is so smooth.”
“Awww, thank you,” she said kissing her. “I was just thinking how gorgeous your breast are.”

“Oh look,” Sam said looking down and brushing herself off. “Looks like we got some dirt on us from the floor.”
“I didn't notice till now.”
She laughed, “I guess we should get dressed.”
Sam picked up her blouse from the floor. “What kind of chocolate do you like?”
“Ah you know me, I'm not fussy,” Victoria answered scooting off the sofa.
“Just so long as I get to lick it off your nipples,” she said smiling.
Victoria smiled at that thought.

“Oh look,” Sam said picking up their knotted underwear off the floor. “Our underwear is lovers too.”
“I need to stretch,” Victoria said arching her back.
“Well lay down.”
She smiled. “Nah, I know where that leads,” She said standing up.
Sam knelt on the floor in front of her, caressing her hips and kissing her stomach. “Hey, I'm putting my clothes on,” Victoria protested.
“Sorry,” Sam said tossing her hands in the air.
She laughed, “Nice try.”

Victoria put on her pants as Sam embraced her, “Now where do you need to stretch? Your pecs, your glutes,” she asked grabbing her bottom, pulling her close.
Victoria moaned and kissed her.
Sam lept into her arms, kissing her wildly. They fell back on the couch with Sam on top of her. Sam kissed her again, each touch and stroke more passionate than the last.

“Argh,” Victoria groaned, playfully pushing Sam off. “I'm getting figs. You can stay here if you like,” she said leaving room.
Sam stayed on the couch fanning herself as she watched Victoria walk away.

The End

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