The Corner Boys

Coxwell and Gerrard, The Corner as we called it back in the '60s,  was always a busy spot and a place for the guys to meet on a Friday or Satueday before we ventured over to the 'Shammy' Hotel for a beer or two or maybe the pool hall or a spontaneous party, There was a bank on the south east corner with two or three paper boxes in front  and a restaurant beside it. Down the street a bit there was the Legion. A fruit stand occupied the southwest corner with convenient produce stands for us to sit on and and the Sunrise Cafe stood on the north west corner and the Shamrock Hotel was a bit north of that. . The north east corner had a clothing store called Lorries where a lot of the guys bought their clothes. There was everything a guy could want in that little area including a wine store that catered to us under age kids! The Boardwalk and Greenwood race track were within walking distance as was a bookie that ran a cigar store nearby.

Harvey was one of the good old boys, a bit of a fool and notoriously slapstick! Ganny was a 'don't touch my hair guy' that loved the women and would do nearly anything for their attention. We had our tough guy, Bucky, our party organizer Kinger and our car enthusiast and fellow that always left when there was going to be a problem, Jon. Jon always had a nice car and a nice girl like one of the first Mustang in Toronto and a hot litte chic named Chrissie. Me, I'm Chris, not so cute and sported a broken nose ans a build that made me look like a pugilist! I was an observer, instigator and sometimes a participant. We were the core group of a lot of guys that hung around The Corner. .

There were other guys we shared The Corner with, a lot of tougher guys that went out of their way to create trouble especially for the unsuspecting innocent people that happened to walk by or wandered into our spaces like the local restaurant or bar. .

To be continued .....

The End

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