Post-Phillip – Peace At Last?


Delsie Costello-Masters discovers that she is eligible for the Primary Latin Exam – she takes it and gets a Distinction of 92%.

Peter begins at The Medical Symposium. Clearer now, Peter begins to regain his creative instincts and realises that he has a knack for second-guessing not only his family and close friends, but bigger, more general events. Peter doesn’t advertise this, but he calls it his ‘psychic ability’.



Dr. Andrew Costello, doctor of war and mental health, dies of a heart attack. He was childless and wifeless, with no direct inheritor instructions, so Costello Mansion goes, logically, to Benjamin and his family. They move in, and Benjamin commissions a portrait of the family and of himself as inheritor. Jodrell Masters is, by this time, in retirement, but, when Aimee remarks of the better skill of the new artist, she offends Aidelle.



Tomas Richards, Butler, dies. Benjamin hires a new butler and two new maids. Peter has dreams in which Richards talks to him. For these reasons, Peter moves from Costello Mansion to Phillip’s house.

Peter completes his doctorate, setting up a clinic for a diverse range of customers, of lower-classes. Whilst not always thriving, it is appreciated. He meets Ginnifer Morghan, terminally ill. When she dies in his arms, it is enough incentive for him to put together research against terminal diseases.



Reginald and Deanna Masters die within three months of each other.

Freidrich Costello expresses an interest in genetics, though he has no need to work.

Taxicabs and even the train are used more frequently. The plans for a personal motorcar are published by an eminent group of mechanics at The Physics Institute.

Another feminist movement, encouraged by Aidelle and Phillip in the Pages, successfully allows colleges, beyond Nursing and the lesser-known Childcare, to enrol women. The Secretary School is opened and the prospect of work outside of the house is opened to women. This is the first feminist idea to be well received.



Timothy Rogerson changes his surname to ‘Rogre’.

Delsie meets Timothy at a feminist rally, of which Aidelle and Phillip, whilst they worry, approve. Delsie befriends Hanna Beacannon, lower-middle-class feminist. The three spend a lot of time together over the next years.

Jae Carnassus also attends the rally. She meets the Leigh’s butcher, Charlie Donovan.



Aidelle and Delsie argue about Timothy; Aidelle suggests an arranged marriage with a man of higher status when she turns eighteen, but Delsie wants to marry out of love.

Later, Timothy and Delsie marry in a small ceremony similar to Aidelle and Phillip‘s. Encouraged by Hanna, she keeps her maiden name.



Zoey Donovan is born to Charlie Donovan and Jae Carnassus.

Hanna suggests Delsie get a job. She herself is a trained secretary for the Positions and Connections Office, and she introduces Delsie to an out-of-work Latin tutor there. He has heard about Delsie’s Latin skill, and hires her as his Personal Assistant.



Delsie goes to her second feminist rally, despite Aidelle’s warning.

Freidrich learns about the Max Folster case – how he disappeared whilst working in genetics; he begins work with eminent geneticists.

Cassandra Costello looks for an upper-class husband to no available. She laments to the Pages about the mixing of the classes.

The Second Continent wages war for the plans of the Personal Automobile. Stuart, however, proposes a truce and is one of the officers around the table to see the Peace Treaty come into being. The Second Continent agrees to share The Big Sea, so long as each continent keeps to itself.

Josef Leigh offers his first ideas of a time-manipulator to The Physics Institute. The first structural experiment fails. The project is put on hold.



Leigh suggests using the same system as the Personal Automobiles, the idea of transforming gas into an electric fuel. A third trial shows the time-manipulator to be more successful, but too erratic to be used.

Leo and Aries are born to Delsie and Timothy. Following a short debate, Tim allows Hanna and Delsie to use the Costello-Masters surname in their Naming Day.



Stuart Costello passes away. Lucy retreats to her family home, dying soon herself. Again, the Pages pay little attention to this. The old couple died from society’s light a long time ago.

Zara Costello-Masters is born to Delsie and Timothy.



In his clinic, Peter meets Abagale West, one of the ‘poisoned’ lower-class, but a girl of great intelligence despite her youth. He discovers, although doesn’t understand the true science behind it, a failed genetic mutation in her blood.

They talk about education, the class divide, and, begrudgingly, Tia.

Peter saves Abagale from her twisted genes; she is unable to have children, but she is grateful for not having died. Although weak, Abagale heads to the Lower Continent, where she works in a school for the lower-class.



Zoey Donovan, taught by Abagale, expresses an interest in Physics. She is rebuked for being so young and of the lowest class, but, whilst she is sent away to live in the school when her mother works, she secretly reads War Management manuals. Zoey is particularly intrigued by one Rion wrote during his time as a tutor of The Big College.



Abagale is promoted to Headmistress of the school. She advises Zoey to begin thinking about going into Service.

Still keeping in touch with Peter, she names her school The P. Costello Primary and Secondary. Abagale has fallen in love with Peter, but, as she knows he will never forget Tia for her, she tucks away her emotions.

Cassandra Costello meets Lieutenant Earl Carslyle at horse-racing. Aimee is pleased with this arrangement, but Cassandra is less pleased with the notion of being tied down to a bore. Elyse Costello is asked whether she is considering marriage. She retreats into her bedroom, and is one of the first to be diagnosed with the mental illness of Middle Child Anxiety Syndrome.



Leigh and his team successfully engineer the first working Personal Automobile. They have a test structure, though the exterior design is still in flux. Aidelle and Phillip, as eminent of the Pages, suggest designs, but they are mostly rejected on practical and artistic principles.

Phillip starts teaching his grandsons to play the piano; they already have a talent beyond his by the end of the year. Timothy reveals that, before Philosophy, he used to sing for entertainment of the soldiers.



The Personal Automobiles are completed. As expected, and at infuriation of the lower-middle class, the three ‘main’ families buy the expensive Automobiles first: the Montgomerys, the Vallente, and Benjamin’s family, though the latter don’t use theirs. Phillip later buys an automobile at his second granddaughter’s birth.

Lynnetta Costello-Masters is born.



Peter, working with geneticists including his nephew, discovers an enzyme that breaks down certain tumours – thus, one cure is discovered.

Zoey Donovan is rejected from The Physics Institute due to her class. Instead, she makes her flat into an experimental hub for science. Abagale suggests she not mess with the chemistry she doesn’t fully understand, but Zoey ignores her. Primarily, Zoey is unsuccessful.



The first successful ‘capture’ from the time-manipulator. Leigh extrapolates the idea he has had first – beyond the theory that the time-manipulator quickens the gas to electric functions and could aid theoretical science – he suggests it may be possible to use captured ‘time-streams’ to propel people through time. However, this requires so much residual energy. Experiments, when they are more than discussion, fail.



Leigh records the limit for the manipulator. He applies for the post of professor and is accepted. In mechanics 101, he introduces the manipulator to first years, with a pass limit of 90 MPH.



Zoey’s experiments cause a first explosion. She is not worried.

Aries and Leo begin teaching Lynnetta music. She has a gift for singing.



A second explosion from her home-made machine destroys Zoey’s residence. Her body is not found amongst the rubble and Abagale declares her officially missing. There’s nothing they can do.

Peter’s status as a successful doctor is recognised, and his work with the lower-classes is acknowledged. He is invited to be a professor at The Symposium, but declines. He buys the house next to Phillip’s and they make the two into one.

Freidrich Costello dislikes the coming together of lower- and upper-classes, venting his dislike to fellow geneticists. Some tell him about the full sterilisation project Max ruined.



Earl Carsyle proposes marriage to Cassandra Costello. She is set to reject his question, but is lectured by Aimee into agreeing. They marry at Carslyle Hall.

At the wedding, Freidrich meets one of his distant cousins, Gabiee Montgomery, a young, headstrong first year animal geneticist. They begin a correspondence. From that, Freidrich gets an idea about the Folster sterilisation problem.

After the wedding, Phillip collapses, complaining of joint problems. He is examined by an independent doctor as well as Peter – both proclaim him to be fine; needing rest, but simply elderly.

In the other time-stream, Phillip develops a limp and begins talking of a non-existent world.

Lynnetta starts publicly performing her singing, being involved with a new choral group.



Lynnetta performs for a chapel and for Zara’s birthday.

In the other time-stream, Phillip dies. Linacre invites Zara and the twins to The Time Institute; Lynnetta follows and sees the other version of Zara. She tells Aidelle, who dismisses it. Lynnetta disappears.



Cassandra divorces Earl and returns to Costello Mansion.

Zara and Max buy the grassland as ‘anonymous scientist couple’ and are observed by Phillip in one time-stream…and Rion in 2013’s other.

Freidrich suggests to Gabiee that they marry for the sake of tradition and the Costello line, despite the fact they are not fundamentally attracted to each other.



Zara applies to the Physics Institute and gets in. However, she clashes with Professor Leigh over the time-manipulator and its pass limit of 90 and with her fashionable lab-partner, Mairim Roeson.

Zara devises her own adaptation of the manipulator, but she is ignored.

She finds out that Freidrich has plans to rid The Continent of the lower and middle classes by gel injections leading to infertility. She steals his vital papers the same night she performs her own practical experiment with the manipulator.

Zara disappears.



Freidrich marries. He tells Gabiee that the only copy of his plan went missing with Zara and that it is the reason she ran. The geneticists search for her, to no avail. Gabiee tells him to leave the subject; it doesn’t matter anymore. In the first trimester of her first pregnancy, she has dreams of Zara, and whilst she tells him, she doesn’t mention that it leaves her in reams of sweat and fearing for her child’s life.

Instead, Gabiee works against Freidrich’s plans whenever she can.

Zara is officially reported missing. Professor Leigh reports the time-manipulator destruction, but they can do little to pin Zara to the event – not realising the machine’s time-warping properties.

Mairim helps the physicists repair the time-manipulator. She claims being ‘haunted’, by the feeling of someone ‘passing through’ her, but she is thought to be in shock after Zara’s disappearance. Suspicion is rife. 



The Little College takes into account the ‘fashion’ of music and creates a new Entertainment course. During the year, they have an influx of applicants and break away into a new college. The Espionage Team still exists and they discover a ‘Conservatoire’ music hall in The Second Continent. The name is stolen.

Iuan Costello is born to Freidrich and Gabiee.

Benjamin Costello dies, leaving Costello Mansion to Freidrich, though with the request to accommodate for Elyse and Cassandra and any other Costellos who have the need. This displeases Freidrich, as ‘any Costellos’ encompasses those whom he had previously tried to eradicate.

Cassandra considers remarriage for money and her independence, after her brother acts more controlling.

Hecate Costello is born to Freidrich and Gabiee.

The End

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