Phillip and Aidelle – An Age of Change


Peter Costello is born to Octavia and Percival. During her pregnancy, Octavia is plagued by her mystic dreams, but not so savagely as her previous terms’. Whilst Octavia hopes for a girl, she is certain, somehow, that the baby is a boy, and chooses Peter’s name at only the sixth month.

Percival is asked to reopen his clinic and does so, gaining recognition throughout The Continent. He takes a full-doctorate name, whilst keeping a mind of war.

As expected, Stuart is given his Selection the month he leaves The Big College. He becomes betrothed to Estella-Lucille ‘Lucy’ Goldacre.



Stuart has fleeting second thoughts about his marriage. He voices them to Dr. Percival Costello, but they are quickly downsized and dismissed. He marries Lucy.

Benjamin enrols at The Big College. However, he is perpetually distracted and fails a first module. Being a Costello, he is allowed to stay on the course, which does not fail to irritate and intrigue the middle-class students alongside him. Dr. Costello lectures him, but tensions grow at home as it is clear that Benjamin has found lower-class companionship and is questioning their hierarchy system.

Phillip is given an art-set as an anonymous gift for his eleventh birthday. He begins painting, finding it much easier than the weaponry and riding he has been brought up expected to be perfect at. Whilst he receives little encouragement, Octavia supports his found gift in her fragile way; and Phillip becomes accustomed to being ignored and introverted, as no longer the youngest child.



Rion joins The Big College’s Warfare course.

Josef Leigh is born to Antha and Minick Leigh, an upper-class, fading couple. Antha dies in childbirth.

Benjamin has his first sexual affair with a lower-class girl from the houses nearby The College. Although the papers get no wind of it, Dr. Costello is furious and further tension brews, even when Benjamin passes modules at The College.

Tia and Jae Carnassus are born to Mari and Luc Carnassus, a servant couple working in the lower hills of The Continent.



Benjamin has his second sexual affair. The girl has an abortion, but Benjamin has already cut his ties with her to know. Percival threatens to force Benjamin into marriage.

Fourteen-year-old Phillip begins to question the upper-class system. He continues painting, but, for inspirations, widens his mind. He finds a book on Descartes in the Mansion library, and starts to explore Philosophy. During a fencing lesson, he accidentally slashes Peter in his furious exuberance. After Dr. Costello looks at him, the boy is fine in the long-term, but Octavia raises a worry about Phillip’s temper.

The Second Continent advances and the major war begins once more. Dr. Costello, Stuart and Benjamin are away from the home for a full year. Rion stays behind to complete his Military Management course and begin a second, more-advanced level course. In the absence of elder brothers, Rion is considered the most eligible bachelor. However, he does not seem interested in marriage.

Andrew takes a placement at The Medical Symposium, as an applied student. He stays in the college.



Feminists celebrate the new millennium with a rally against dresses. This time, they are more successful, but the idea does not take off until the next few years.

Mid-way through the year, Dr. Costello and his sons return from the war. The Costellos celebrate the end of this part of the war with a lavish meal and the tension between Benjamin and Dr. Costello eases. Although she is still self-closed, Octavia allows meeting other higher-class families, such as the Montgomerys, who are flattered to be the presence of a rising family they have read about in the Society Pages. Said Pages detail the event and praise the Montgomerys.

Dr. Costello worries about the lack of an heir from Stuart. He covertly questions him, but, embarrassed, Stuart buys a country house and moves Lucy away from their parents.



Stuart finishes his second study in Warfare Management, and, as consequence, rises in ranking, working at The Big College as a part-time administrator.

Benjamin and Rion complete their individual Warfare studies. Rion excels in Warfare Management, whilst Benjamin strength is found in Equestrian Studies and practical application. At the completion of his dissertation, Benjamin eases the tensions at home. He cannot help with Dr. Costello’s practice, but he tends the orangery, and tries to educate Phillip and Peter. Stuart suggests he start a second education.

Phillip Costello loses his temper at Rion and smashes a vase in the Mansion. He stops being tutored for fencing when his tutor labels him “too self-violent”. He grows increasingly aggressive and impulsive every year. However, remembering how they diagnosed her with post-natal depression, Octavia refuses to hire a bunch of psychiatric doctors. She spends more time encouraging Phillip’s painting – where he is gentle, at least – to make up for what she thinks was bad early-year-parenting.

Mari and Luc Carnassus die of the servant-flu pandemic that sweeps The Continent. All upper-class figures are already inoculated, but the same cannot be said of the lowest-class. Tia and Jae are sent to an orphanage on Plaza Main Street.

Sixteen-year-old Max Folster, interested in genetics, starts investigating the possible causes of the flu. He is documented in the Pages for his youthful achievement and subtle looks, but this causes jealousy and uproar that he is a Folster praised for an interest in the servants. Max’s parents suggest he enrol at the Physics Institute instead.

Outcries begin at the poor treatment of servants.



Outcries continue. Stuart and Lucy lose their last servant to a final strand of the illness, and they appeal to Costello Mansion to have mercy. Octavia implores Percival to relent, “for the sake of his son”, and he agrees to shelter a random orphan: five-year-old Tia. She is sent to stay and learn with Mrs. Richards. Percival refuses to let childless Lucy be involved with a poor orphan.

Rion begins a relationship with Lysander Archer when he is hired by Stuart as a tutor for first year students at The Big College. Phillip discovers the relationship and interrogates Rion, threatening to tell Dr. Costello for Rion’s own sake. It never happens, as Lysander dies attacking The Second Continent, weak from injuries Phillip inflicted.

After the incident, Phillip swears to pacifism.



Phillip enrols at The Little College to study Philosophy. This raises eyebrows in the Costello household, but intrigues the Pages, who, having glimpsed Phillip turning eighteen, cite him as an eligible man. Jodrell Masters, now employed by the Pages, paints Phillip’s birthday picture and reports back that Phillip’s features are “very handsome indeed. Sharp and smooth.” Women's hearts are stirred, most particularly those of the Vallente sisters, but Phillip keeps to himself.

He sees the Aurora Borealis over the Small Sea in winter.



Max Folster secretly continues his work into genetics whilst at The Physics Institute. He becomes convinced that expert geneticists are altering alleles to create a sterilisation program for the lower-classes.

News from The Second Continent and the Espionage Team there tells of a live-picture viewer and portable train-like vehicles. Although the ideas are not believed at first, some blueprints are stolen and mechanics begin to work on two new ideas.

Max applies to be an assistant on the projects, but is rejected due to his lack of mechanical knowledge.

Rion is approached by one of the Espionage Team to join them. Although he initially turns down the offer, he still takes a private navigator across The Big Sea to explore it himself. Avoiding capture, Rion is approached by a native of the warforce there with an enticing offer to work for their force.

Rion returns home a week later.



Benjamin finishes his second education in Equestrian Warfare with History of war, but finds himself with little to do, as his education does not open up Warfare paths like Rion’s and Stuart’s. With no excuse to keep him from the home any longer, Benjamin is given his Selection for marriage.

Octavia is delighted to see Vallente and Montgomery girls as part of the Ten.

With the inclusion of the Costello brothers pocket-watch gift, the press are now keeping tabs on Phillip, who is said to be more handsome with every year. In light of Benjamin’s marriage choice, Dr. Costello offers Phillip his own marriage Selection, but Phillip refuses to marry simply because his father wants it. With Rion focused on war and Andrew a confirmed bachelor, Dr. Costello is little concerned with Phillip’s current negative response, though the press are themselves atwitter why.

Maximillian Folster goes missing after he manages to short-circuit and destroy the sterilisation-virus machine.



Benjamin has his last sexual affair with a fair, middle-class nurse from the Nursing School nearby in anxiety at, in less than a month, meeting the woman he is to marry.

However, after meeting Aimee Montgomery, he falls deeply in love with her and they are married. Stuart invites his brother and sister to honeymoon in the countryland of The Continent. They like it so much that they buy a house.



Ten-year-old Tia Carnassus is moved into employment at Costello Mansion with a new cooking assistant, though she is still learning etiquette and doesn’t quite understand the class divide as much as other servants grown in the business. With no children his own age for company in the main house, Peter Costello first sneaks into the servants’ quarters to spend time with her.

Freidrich Costello is born to Benjamin and Aimee Costello.

The light-graph is created and patented. The Costellos are one of the first to be given one, and, Phillip being the most eligible bachelor, is given his as a gift. Rion is further enraged by this.



The ‘Freedom of Clothing’ Act is passed under the feminist strain. Most women, however, stick with dresses. The feminists, not pacified, try to include female fighting laws. These are rejected.

The first electric taxicabs are introduced, electric-run and wheeled.

Phillip completes his education, but refuses to go into war, and spends his time at Costello Mansion painting and reading instead.



Elyse Costello is born to Benjamin and Aimee.

Dr. Costello insists Phillip be married if he is not doing anything else. At the last minute, Jodrell Masters, painting for the Pages’ spread about Phillip’s pending Selection, suggests his unmarried, stubborn niece to Octavia. Despite her protestations, she is presented well by Deanna Masters and Octavia agrees on a whim, perhaps due to guilt over firing Jodrell.

Having chosen, Phillip Costello and Aidelle Masters meet for the first time. They get along in societal opinion and skill, and also agree to have a long engagement in case either cannot go through with their family’s orders. In those words, however, Phillip reconsiders reconsidering. Followed by the Pages, the couple begin the trend of courtship before marriage.

The Vallente sisters begin spreading slander about Aidelle. She becomes over-conscious about her looks, thinking marrying Phillip will end the trouble. Octavia and Percival have second thoughts about Aidelle’s suitability due to the effect that Phillip marrying her will have on their popularity in The Continent.



Soldiers from The Second Continent invade and kidnap members of prominent families, including the Goldacres, Folsters and Leighs. The press turns to full-scale war, a mimic of the one in 1999, and encourages all able classed men to provide something of their skills. Dr. Costello utilises the availability of the Costello Platoon, and handpicks graduates from The Big College as well as all his sons, including fifteen-year-old Peter.

Rion organises the first attack and is promoted to Lieutenant Colonel. Stuart works alongside him as Colonel.

The plan is to leave at the end of August. Knowing this means he will be out of the country for his wedding to Aidelle, whom he has come to love dearly, Phillip refuses, putting his pacifism as a reason.

Dr. Costello – via Rion – threatens to cut off Phillip and his share of the Costello fortune if he does not join the family in war. Knowing this will mean no money for Aidelle and the family he wants – since she will only come into her sum when her parents die – Phillip agrees the day he shows Aidelle their townhouse he has bought.

Aidelle discovers like that she is pregnant, and begs him to stay. They are married in a small ceremony, with Octavia, Lucy, and the Masters alone attending.

In this time-stream, Phillip confesses his money woes to Aidelle – who tells him not to live for money – and to Octavia, who promises to support them. In return, Phillip convinced them both not to be worried by the press and Pages’ slanders of the Masters.

Jodrell Masters Junior, Aidelle’s brother, successfully wins his case for a higher-class client and the Masters’ name is strengthened.

In another time-stream, Phillip keeps his troubles to himself, Aidelle has a miscarriage without realising she was ever pregnant; and, at Phillip’s declaration that he must leave her for the war, she throws a clock at him, causing the crack through time, which is drawn upon and aggravated by the sudden existence of The Time Institute in several time-streams.



Delsie Costello-Masters is born to Phillip and Aidelle.

Timothy Rogerson is born to Margaret and Edward Rogerson, middle-class.



Rion dies when illegal weapons testing backfires. Dr. Costello discovers he was working for the enemy. Although in shock, he is comforted by his wife and other sons.

In the other time-stream, Phillip decodes a message for Rion warning about the faults in the latest batch of weapons he has received, meant for testing for The Second Continent’s troops. Rion is safe, and his weapons testing advances with the creation of droppable bombs, causing The Continent to be forced into retreat and the war to go on for another two years.



The Continent is successfully at capturing those of the enemy and they return the victims as well as many of the soldiers. The Costellos have a lavish meal to celebrate to the end of the war. Things are tense between Phillip and Percival, but Octavia acts as a medium for her family.

Aimee suggests a shell-shocked Peter marry. At this, Tia, serving her, is startled. Confronted by a concentrated Peter afterwards, the two share a kiss, realising how much their feelings for each other have grown over the years together. However, this is seen by the cook. Peter also shares many a moment with Richards, where they swap books and ideas of the supernatural.

Although they get along, Aimee becomes jealous of Octavia Costello and her closeness to her sons. This shows her potential power as a Costello mother.

Jae Canassus, having lived in an orphanage her entire life, takes a housemaid job with the Leighs.

Cassandra Costello is born to Benjamin and Aimee.



Dr. Costello is outraged by the rumours about his youngest going around the servant community as well as the rumours of “unsavoury transactions” Tia uses to fulfil her aspirations. He is about to cut Peter out of the inheritance altogether, when Phillip speaks to them both individually, using Philosophy to win them in mutual agreement.

To win back his father’s trust, Peter simultaneously breaks up with and fires Tia.

Tia Carnassus disappears. In another time-stream, after five years of war, Rion returns. He rapes Tia.



The Continent’s Espionage team warn of The Second Continent’s ideas to create explosive long-distance weapons. In the other time-stream, Grassland Close is one of the streets badly bombed. Aidelle disappears, but the Masters assume that her body has been destroyed in the bombing.

Phillip gives an interview in the Pages about equality. He catches interest, though he is not taken so seriously as he would like.

Andrew Costello publishes an extension to his doctoral dissertation about the mental illnesses of war. When Peter has a complete psychotic breakdown, Andrew spends exclusive time treating him. The Symposium docti take a great interest in this and look at fellow mental illness reports, beyond even those correlated with war.

Peter’s condition means that he cannot work or study. He stays in the Costello-Masters’ spare room when he needs respite from his father’s disappointment at Costello Mansion.

Josef Leigh enrols at The Physics Institute.



Mrs. Octavia Costello dies. Her deathbed act is to make her husband promise to share his fortune evenly between the boys. Finally, she is at peace.

Delsie Costello-Masters falls from a tree in her garden and breaks her arm. On seeing how well Peter treats his daughter’s injury, Phillip suggests Peter become a doctor. Whilst reluctant at first, Peter asks his mourning father to tutor him until he is well enough to apply for The Symposium. Dr. Costello agrees.



Andrew, Peter and Dr. Costello work closely together, as the three remaining Costellos at Costello Mansion. By the end of the year, Percival, still grieving for his wife, succumbs to ill health and passes away.

To the papers’ surprise, Andrew inherits the house.

The End

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