Timeline of Relevant Events

As with any civilisation, no one truly remembers when scientific discovery began, for even the recorded has been formed from hearsay in a world without electricity. Nevertheless, one tries to form an accurate impression of the surrounding world.

However, for the purpose of the almanac as companion to the trilogy, it would be pointless for me to craft an exhaustive list of every creation, painting, experiment and success that has ever befallen the landmass called The Continent and its people, named, colloquially, 'Continentians'.

Instead, the timeline has a somewhat circular focus: one that pulls us back to a handful of individuals for whom my story is their life. For instance, I have chosen to begin with the birth of a Secondary Character, for, although he may not dance in our limelight, his actions have their consequences. Plus, I have recently become fascinated by the backstories of the people my Main Characters linger by.

On the other hand, as this science of science is important – and it is where our world comes apart from theirs – it leaves quite a lot of space wanting for the timeline; what would an almanac be if not, though?

The End

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