Class, Colour and Gender

Probably the most divisive of the prejudices within this alternate world – and those which are cultural differences, temporally, are the most different from our own world and its own sociology – are those of class, skin-colour and gender.

Those looked down upon might well be said to be treated as ‘dirt’; in any human society a hierarchy exists due to human nature, but what separates human nature from a human soul is how those ‘lesser off’, the out-group, are treated by the in-group. In our culture today, most prejudices have been banished in favour of equality – but what of a society that, although with communist ideas amongst the better-off, have become very prejudiced against those with differences?

That’s not to say that some differences come noticed; only until Dr. Andrew Costello’s work are mental illnesses recognised and, to a brief extent, feared; and sexuality as a choice is never considered – as we shall see later.

On the other hand, many pre-Phillip Continentians would have argued that this…‘xenophobia’ (although the word doesn’t exist in their vocabulary, as a Psychological term, it stands) has been proven useful when The Second Continent invaded, looking for land and growth.

This isn’t psychology, though, and a big difference lies between efficient xenophobia and cruel displacement of natives.

The End

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