The Continental Almanac

The ultimate resources book for my fictional alternate universe, and a guide to newcomers.


Although this almanac is more of a trans-fictional object – it has no physical form in my hands, nor the hands of those it is describing – it, however, can still be considered a definitive guide to the world of my time-travel trilogy, the first book of which I wrote on Protagonize in the National Novel Writing Month of 2010, called ‘Time. Stopped.’

The trilogy is set upon a world very much like Earth, with a few major changes. Through no fault of the inhabitants of the planet (who might well be called ‘humans’, were they watching themselves from the outside), technology has fallen behind our own age. Science as an education is prominent, indeed, being preferable over the arts, but scientific discovery is less a formidable offender.

Too, history has run parallel with our own history at times, finding characters like Descartes as an influence on Philosophy and Michelangelo as an influence on Art; at other times, primarily time on its shaping of the world, these events have occurred rather differently.

After all, if there is no Germany to wage it, there will be no World War. In Natural and Social sciences are where the biggest changes lie, though sometimes I think they are not so muted from the paths of our own universe.

In this almanac, I shall talk through less of the lives of my characters, but, rather, the general business it is to exist amongst them. I invite you to explore my alternate world and all its quirks with me.


(Author note: I am hoping that each piece I post for the almanac is correct; it will certainly be internally, but there is correspondence between the various pieces which may mean that I shall edit having already posted. As such, I may make a comment-note announces the differences to keep readers up to speed.)

The End

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