The comma after love

Heartbreak and getting over it.
Moving on.

Moving on was something that I was definitely not looking forword to. But the time had come for me to look past the ruins and into the sunshine.

Easier said than done, most would say. Me being a part of the MOST contingent, especially with severely defective eye-sight. Anyways getting over the shadows of a love lost was quite tough on my mental as well as emotional well being.

Everything seemed fixated upon the one thing that should have been dumped in the past, the guy. Everywhere there seemed to be reminders of what had been lost, what would never come back to me, and also what would always come back to haunt me in my lowest moments.

Every memory seemed magnified exactly in the same manner as it does in those wierd old movies where in the climax a flashback (that too in crystal clear imagery) is inevitable. Everything seemed like a pointer towards the past rather than the future. How screwed up is that?

But as they say, everything happens for a reason. Well, for the record I haven't exactly been struck by a lightning bolt of reason as yet. but I was sure of only one thing. I had been saved from what had been a disaster in the making. And I am ever grateful.

I began looking to my family and friends for distraction, rather than any kind of support. A rather unnecessary burden it seemed to me. I went out for movies, shopping, everything that a girl normally does when she's happy. But I did it because it passed my time and diminished whatever bad memories were still left.

It took half a dozen movies, a dozen shopping sprees and a helluva lot more of weeping and sniffling to actually feel like part human. It made me realise that your heart doesn't really break at all, unlike the myth propagated by a certain half-naked cherub. It merely gets bruised, or in some scenarios, it just ACTS like it has been bruised. In my case, it was a big, black bruise, smack in the middle of my stupid beating machine.

It took some time getting used to the healing process, but what made it intriguing was the fact that it was a lot more painless than I had earlier anticipated. Who would have thought it possible when everyone, everywhere seems to believe that life after love is a shrieking hell of stinking tears and weeping noses.

Sure it started out like that with me too, but I definitely ran out of fresh tissues a lot earlier than I had predicted.

After all these ventures, it occured to me that MOVING ON is actually even more hyped up than the ailment that one moves on from. It actually is a cleansing experience, vitalising, energising. in fact I strongly recommend it to all those who are suffering from LOVE...!!!

The End

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