Scenario 2Mature

"Marc, stay here," I point to the ground, nervously.

I have no idea how I got into this situation. How can I go from being unwanted to being protected by people who don't know me...and that I can't shake off? But hopefully this guy listens to me. I really want to go check out that shipwreck...please let this work.

The armor-clad male nods to me, stepping onto the sand of the land. "I will wait here, Clockwork." He crosses his arms over his chest, staring out towards the expanse of water in front of us.

I turn away from him, studying the area. A good thief knows to check his surroundings, first. Down by the shipwreck some twenty-odd feet down, there are a few killerfish and one seamonster. A small shiver trails along the length of my spine. With those awful, misshapen pinchers, the seamonsters are just so...disgustingly scary. Not to mention that it looks half-mer because of the torso and biceps...that beak and it's tiny uneven teeth don't help at all.

Shaking my head, I scold myself. Of course it's not going to be attractive. The gods made them like that so people wouldn't feel like they own the place. I'll just have to be quick. Before I can change my mind, I dive into the waters with a lungful of air, swimming with the intention of hiding in the ship's broken dock before the creatures find me.

But, you know, they kind of live in these waters all the time, so I'm just a little bit out of my league here.

The smallest killerfish feels the vibrations from my actions and immediately heads towards me. I ready my spear, because what's fighting one little fish?

Maybe it was my mistake in having Marc standby so close...or maybe he's just been acting strange lately. Whatever it is, it doesn't change the fact that he completely disobeys my orders to stay and wait.


There's a loud splash above me, and I turn, eyes widening with shock. What the hell?

Suddenly, Marc is there, disturbing the rest of the lake and swarmed by all the other fish and--oh gods, the seamonster. "Die!" He screams, sword flailing because he can't control it against the pull of the water. I paddle over as rapidly as I can, thrusting my spear out into the seamonter's chest. Marc has just enough time to twist out of the way, and I inwardly sigh. That could've ended ugly.

Relieved now that the battle is over--the other two fish were killed by Marc's awkward blows--I head up for air, gasping as I break the surface. "Marc--"

The clang of metal on ebony forces me forward, shoving me once more under the waters. Surprised and choking on water, I scramble back up to cough and swipe my hair out of my face. "What--"

"You won't escape me that easily!" Marc roars, waving his sword again.

Only this time, he's coming toward me.

"W-wait!" I cry, lifting up my right arm to block his incoming blows. I still haven't recovered my spear from the seamonster's body--and I don't have time to draw my javelins, or my bow.

"Marc, stop! It's me! Remember?"

"Die!" He bellows, sword swinging in a low arc for my abdomen. I have just enough time to dodge the blow, tearing off around him to reach dry land. At least I'm a better swimmer than he is, so--

White hot pain slices into the back of my ankle, and I tumble to the ground with a wail. Clutching my wounded leg, I look back at Marc, unarmed now that he's thrown his sword. I am so glad I never lent him one of my weapons for backup...

...but then his hands close around my throat, and I gag against the pressure. "Fight back!" He snarls, hands tightening. My vision blurs, dimming until the only thing I can make out is the glare of the sun hitting the surface of the water over Marc's shoulder. "Fight back, damn you!"

I twist uncomfortably with the last drops of my failing strength. I'll just have to...calm him...gods, let this work...!

"Ateri causim," I manage to whisper, just as my vision fades to black.

Marc's hands abruptly pull back, and I aim a shaky kick to his chest with a rasping gasp, sending him sprawling down the slope of the isle. He crashes back into the water with a surprised cry. Taking the opportunity while it's open, I stagger to my feet, still coughing and wheezing for air.

I can't let this happen again...we have to go separate ways. This can't go on. I jerk around to look for the nearest way out of the woods and into the caves--but by the time my eyes have completely returned to me, my injured ankle decides to make itself known. After my first, hesitant step, I crumple to the ground again--and then it dawns on me.

Marc's sword cut through my tendon.

A glance at the weapon lying innocently off to one side reveals my suspicion at correct. One side is completely covered with my blood, trailing off to point at me. Scrambling back against a tree, I dig into my pack for my bow and quiver of glass arrows. If he so much as comes near me again, I swear I'll put an arrow in his head.

"Clockwork...!" He sputters from the mouth of the lake, crawling up to meet me. He shakes his dripping hair out of his face, squinting through the water. "Why would you--?"

"Stay away from me!" I scream, with his inching gait up the little hill. "Don't come closer!"

Marc's eyes widen when he sees the blood staining the ground around me, and my torn, useless ankle. Then, he looks down at his sword, the tip gleaming with the bright liquid. It can only be my blood, he knows, because I'm the only Buemer in the whole land. No one else bleeds shining blood as I do. "Clockwork, what have you done...?"

I let loose a warning shot into the hanging fabric of his pants. "Stay there. Don't you..." I want to hiss, scream, snarl, shout at him hands are trembling with the effort of holding my bow up. I can hardly keep my eyes open. The adrenaline has worn off.


The End

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