Why I Haven't Been Here In Like A Year

Instead of posting my novel (which I'm afraid to do online) I'll tell you a little bit about it and hook you up with how to beta my work.

Well, it's been a crazy year.

With the school's computers now with a new filter, Protaganize is labeled as being "adult." It sucks, but it's something that happens.

Anyway, I partook in NaNoWriMo and came out with the work of my (literal) dreams, the Clairvoyance Project: Book One, the Professor. After learning how to spell Professor without two "f's" it started going a lot smoother for me, and I penned the first book in the trilogy.

As posted on the series tumblr (which you can follow at theclairvoyanceproject.tumblr.com), the summary of the novel:

Felicity wasn’t destined to find greatness. Greatness found her.

On her sixteenth birthday, Felicity Melton was found in her hometown slum of West Fa’duuria in the country of Naeria by Professor Alison Aldridge as she was about to be killed by one of the local gang leaders. After the long and treacherous journey to the capital of the nation, Raevienna, Felicity is registered and enrolled in the Raeviennan School of Magic, where she meets Celine Drewett, Liam Hawthorn, Hylan Rios, and Barrett O’Riley. From the capital, her plan is to find her parents, but they disappeared 10 years ago. Where could they possibly be now? How can she find them in a sea of over a hundred thousand people? Will she even recognize them?

Meanwhile, her class has their own issues. Celine is insulted that she has to work with such “rabble,” having come from a family in the High Naerian Council to be a field medic in the Magic Division. Liam is having difficulty being in school, coming from a part of Naeria rapt with illiteracy. Hylan and Barrett seem to have a side project going on, but no one really knows what, just that the Council approved it…

Follow Felicity and the rest of the group as they start of their careers in magic, bond with each other, and lose the ties that are binding them to the last with their families and their homes.

Well, I plan on writing the series so that you can start anywhere, but you *want* to read more.

The End

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