The Shifter academy is suited for those with the rare ability to shapeshift. This fifth academy was created because of the impossibility to match Shifters into one of the other academies, subsequently it is the smallest with just over two dozen students.

The commonroom is located in the Main Building near the Tower of Mercury, and takes up an entire floor, complete with its own library of books to advise on Shifting abilities. Because of the small numbers in the Shifter academy, lessons are separate from the rest of the institute students, so the commonroom also branches off into private classrooms.

Their motto is 'differentiae sunt eadem,' meaning "the differences are the same."

The Shifter uniform follows a colour scheme of black and white. As a new academy, they do not have a crest featured on the Sanctuary's shield, but their symbol is a spiral cut down the middle in alternating colours to signify the boundaries between Shifts and the constantly changing cycle. The academy mentor is Anala Paradam.

For specialised items, the pendant is a silver swirl painted in alternating black. It must be worn always as it grants access in and out of the Sanctuary during outings.

Important aspects of the uniform include a special overcoat similar to that of the Spéir, only black and ruffled at the back. In the winter, black and white blazers are provided, white with black trim for females, black with white trim for males. In the winter, both genders also wear black cravats accessorised with diamond or pearl pins.

The End

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