The Talamh academy accommodates mystics who live on land but possess no magick of the Craft. Examples would be nymphs, centaurs/centaurides, vampyres and ubi.

The academy commonroom lies underground, half-beneath the Whiteas building near the Tower of the Moon and the south quadrant. They have their own private garden abundant with rare flowers and wild fae, and their commonroom is cavernous and was built from a section of the old catacombs. There are access points specifically for vampyres, who study at night and need to use doors that are not locked by the caretaker after hours. The vampyre dormitory seals away all forms of light in the daytime, and whilst they sleep, wards are erected to stop others wandering in and being accidentally attacked.

Their motto is 'spernemus viam viri heros,' meaning "we tread the path of the hero."

The Talamh uniform follows a colour scheme of green, black and white, with gold accessories. Their crest is a green oak leaf falling from a branch to the ground. The academy mentor is Professor Scrawlish.

The Talamh do not have notable specialised items, apart from a lace bow with a 'T' ensignia worn by females in Spring and Summer. They also wear corsets of either dark green or black, though these are over white blouses. In Winter, as with the rest of the female uniforms, the skirts are plaid, in mixture of green, white and black. Vampyres are permitted to wear their winter uniform all year round to reduce sun exposure.

Their pendant is a golden leaf. This must be worn at all times as it grants access in and out of the Sanctuary during outings. The cufflinks are two ash trees enclosed in golden circles.

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