Those in the Farraige academy are mystics who live near or at sea, but may take on a humanoid form. Creatures include selkies, sirens and mer, both male and female.

The commonroom can be found beneath the large undine fountain in the main courtyard of the Sanctuary. The mechanism works in that the water flowing from the statuette with freeze and the water in the tiers will drain away. The arches decorated on the main tier will open and give access in or out. It can only be opened using echolocation, creating a sound that only sea creatures can make. Therefore, only those in the Farraige academy can enter. The fountain lead directly down a drop into a plunge pool. Furniture is located around the edges, with some accomodation on land. However, most of the students choose to live in rooms further underground. They can be reached by branching tunnels off of the main pool, they are small caverns able to fit up to two students in each, with each form having their own corridor.

Their motto is 'aqua non mergunt nobis,' meaning "water can not drown us."

The Farraige uniform is coloured blue and white with silver accessories, though unlike the other houses, alternative peplos' and chitons are allowed amongst the students because of the need to change clothes quickly to swim. Their crest is a shell lying on the seabed above a high wave. The academy mentor is Erin.

As stated, their specialist item is that they are allowed to wear chitons and peplos', clothes formed from single pieces of cloth, which may be in bright colours not matching the uniform code. The Farraige pendant is an aquamarine water droplet with silver decoration, the cufflinks are two silver seashells worn on blue blazers by both males and females all year round. In the case of peplos' and chitons, students must wear specialised silver fibulae branded with an 'F' and the shell symbol.

The End

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