The Spéir academy houses mystics with the ability to fly. Examples of past students are faeries, harpies, nephilim and drakai/drakaina.

The academy commonroom is located in the castle's clock tower, which rises six floors high. For non-miniature students, large bird cages hang alongside the counterweights of the clock, which can be dressed as luxuriously as desired, and are charmed to be soundproof against the hourly chimes. For creatures such as fae and pixies, there is miniature accommodation, often snugly within the machinery of the clock. Brass railings run along the edges of the tower, with winding stairs to travel to some places, however the students often fly through the middle, and can easily fly outside through the glass windows either side of the clock. 

Their motto is 'nos ascendere ad aethera,' meaning "we ascend to the skies." 

The Spéir uniform follows a colour scheme of black and red, with gold accessories. Their crest is a black feather falling to earth below a bright red sun. The academy mentor is Coach Iris.

For specialised items, the Spéir pendant is a golden sun with amber stone decoration. This must be worn at all times as it grants access in and out of the Sanctuary during outings. The cufflinks are two gold feathers.

For females, skirt length reaches the knees, and heels are a maximum of 2 inches, though unlike other academies, strapless shoes are permitted given the flying abilities of the students. Their notable item is a red, sleeveless and hooded cloak-jacket, finishing at the waist and working like a cloak that reaches the floor. They can be fitted with slits to accommodate wings, and come with buckles which can fasten down lowered wings. The same goes for the male's red blazer.

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