The Draíochta academy is the largest of all the five, and houses magi as well as the ten Elementals.

Because of the academy's size, the base is not limited to a single location, rather the forms are spread out around the estate. In first and second form, the commonroom is underground through a secret entrance between trophy cabinets on the West corridor, whilst the dormitories are two small towers, the second form tower having a pointed glass roof. In third form, the commonroom is in the West tower, in the attics of the Whiteas building in fourth and fifth form, and in sixth form, a domed tower in the East building. In Warrior Reckoning, when the Elementals are in sixth form, they have their own tower beside this.

Their motto is 'hoc donum potest non furatus,' meaning "this gift can not be stolen." 

The Draíochta uniform follows a scheme of purple, white and black, with silver accessories. Their crest is golden seven-pointed star produced from a wand expelling a cloak of purple magick. The academy mentor is Principal Paradam.

For specialised items, the Draíochta wear crystallised silver pendants of the septagram. They are also given a disenchanted Blinking pendant which is enchanted to work in fourth form, this is a silver oval pendant with a 'D' decorated on it. The faculty often have Blinking pendants, but these are gold and carved with an 'S' for the Sanctuary. Their cufflinks are two wands in an 'X' shape.

For their uniform, Draíochta females wear black skirts and white blouses, accompanied by a purple cardigan and a black waistcoat, worn in that order. The males wear a uniform similar to a suit, with black trousers and a black blazer, with a metallic purple and black tie, though they may wear shorts in hot weather. In the winter, females wear plaid skirts in colours of purple, black and white, long-sleeved blouses, and boots as long as the heels do not exceed 2 inches and they are a neutral colour. They also have fitted purple coats with bejewelled buttons and silver buttons carved with 'D's. Winter boots are permitted for males in cold and difficult conditions.

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