Professors and Subjects

Below you will find a list of the professors in current employment since the establishment of the Southern Sanctuary, their specialist subject and their species if it has been publically declared.

Principal Percival Paradam - founder of the Southern Sanctuary, and brother to the late Whiteas Paradam. He is descended from the knight Percival of the ancient Tetractys and brings Cargil Bosrold and his ward Anala Mardon with him. He teaches no subject specifically, but is nonetheless highly qualified to teach the Art. He innovatively created the Orbis and associated security measures. He also recruited each member of faculty individually.

STATUS: Magus, Class II

Prof. Erin Sirena -teacher of Aquatics at the Sanctuary. She travelled from her family's island of Anthemoessa to learn of the Eastern World, and was introduced to the Sanctuary with the assistance of Gildon Hellshaw. She is considered a runt, unable to sing like her sisters, her only threat to society is her beauty.

STATUS: Siren, unclassified.

Prof. Gildon Hellshaw -teacher of Psychic Art at the Sanctuary. He was requested by Percival Paradam, renown as a progeny shortly after his graduation from Caelbrich. He lived for a short time in the Tradewind West, before being called back to the South. He met Erin and brought her with him to the Sanctuary, and he is thus responsible for her employment.

STATUS: Magus, Class III

Prof. Laris Alkimia -teacher of Alchemy at the Sanctuary. He joins in the same year as Willow Avaric, and is renown for his supposed success at creating an equation to turn any material into gold. This has given him substantial wealth that he is keen to show off to the children around him. His methods are controversial because of accusations of near-genocide of leprachaun and dwarf species.

STATUS: Transmuter, Class IV

Prof. Maria Hogston -advisor to the Elemental royals in their time at the Sanctuary. She is a historian with knowledge of the Elemental line and also a specialist of Elemental biology. She once worked as a horticulturist in Caelbrich before she was recruited to teach. She teaches only the Elementals and also conducts private lessons.

STATUS: Magus, Class III

Madame Aquila -

Coach Iris -

Lady Almara -

Mr. Eldrick Mervyn -

Prof. Morlo Scrawlish -

Matron Valentine -

Prof. Cargil Bosrold -

Lady Vayrin -

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