The Estate

The Southern Sanctuary estate is owned by the Tetractys society and has been adapted for different uses since the 69th century. It was taken control of by the noble Paradam family after the destruction of the Northern Sanctuary and the consequential death of Whiteas Paradam. It is hinted to have been a home, a monastery and a hospital over the years.

It is located on the edge of the Southern Sanctuary at the cliffside, the closest city being Caelbrich and the renown university. The Orbis is a magickal device invented by Percival Paradam which cloaks the estate in magickal energy. This hides the Sanctuary from those who may wish to infiltrate it and cause the residents harm. Those who visit the cliffside see only an illusion of ruins and empty land, which supposes that the Orbis is able to lift the Sanctuary into a different plane of reality, similar to how the Veil works between Maegard and Midgard.

The castle has been renovated for use by students as well as many aesthetic traits. These include the construction of a temple in the north corner, and a glass roof on the Draíochta first and second form commonroom. 

Many features remain the same, although have been adapted, such as the catacombs being used as accomodation for the Talamh and Farraige commonrooms, and the grand meeting hall becoming the Armoured Hall where Duelling is taught.


There are many more features in the estate as well as the castle. The Orbis incorporates Grey Beach, a thin stretch of sand along the cliffside. The Water House, where Aquatics class is taught remains underwater near the shoreline and rises during lessons. Past a sunken garden opposite the castle is a grand lake which is used for swimming purposes. It also holds wild water creatures for the purpose of student study. Flanking the lake is the White Forest and the Black Forest, named for both the malevolent and benign wild residents, again for study. Access to the White Forest is allowed, but in the Black Forest there are specific rules against it.

A path goes between the lake and the White forest, across a bridge, where the lake tapers into streams, to fenced riding grounds and the stables. Here, sheep and pigs are reared as well as horses in paddocks. These can be taken out by students using passes allocated once a week, able to ride on the vast land for recreation or in equestrian training with hurdles.

Paths lead from the castle around the forests to other areas. One path to the east of the castle splits, one path to the border of Paradam land into Varnac land, another noble family of the Tetractys. Here, a Portal is located which transports students to Holloway Village. The other path leads up a selection of hills to the stadium resting on the horizon. Here, the students gather for sports practices, from cheerleading to athletics. It is also a popular meeting place and a venue for activities of the Events Committee.

The path to the west leads past the cliffside and the White Forest to a carriage stop used by Charon Services. The use of transport out of the Sanctuary is only allowed after clearance from the faculty, else the carriage will not arrive. The path appears to lead into the distance, but this is an illusion created by the Orbis, just as it appears at sea. In the water, the Orbis boundary is marked by large slabs of Crystalline that will only drop the shield on deactivation of the Palladium, the source of the Orbis' power believed to be in the school temple.

The temple is a building constructed in the summer of Year 8309, and although the majority of Maegard believe in the Elementals as divine descendants, the temple is dedicated the Hecate, the goddess of magick and sister of the Mother. It is with Hecate that She is said to have created the magi. The temple has many attendants, almost all female who are sixth form students working in their free time. The high priestess of the temple is Vayrin, who secretly lives above the temple in an apartment hidden behind the pediment. Though worship of Hecate is common, on special occasions the Elementals are also honoured through feasts and rituals.

The End

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