The Tetractys

Sometimes referred to as the Tetrad within the group, the Tetractys was formed after the death of old King Artorius in the 69th century, making it one of the oldest societies in Maegard, the oldest being the Oracles Guild of the 5th century.

The society contains ten members, all descendants of the ten greatest knights who served King Artorius in legend. In his life, Artorius was dedicated to create a group of individuals who were equals, but after his death, this concept broke down in modern society. The Tetractys places the knights in a descending order of power, with the descendants of Artorius topping the ranks.

The order is as follows:


Gawain + Lancelot

Percival + Galahad + Bors

Kay + Bedivere + Lucan + Griflet

Each member of the Tetractys has their selections of land across Anamae, and often the rest of Maegard. The Artorius family has joint ownership of the island Afalon alongside the Demetra royal family.

In the current climate, it is difficult for the Tetractys to meet under one roof, intense security is needed in this circumstance to ensure the safety of these families. It is thought that if any of the members were to die without an heir, their lands would fall to the Elemental Court, giving them even more control in powerful lands such as the South.

Members of the Tetractys are featured in The Element Adventures, namely the Paradams - descendants of Percival, the Varnacs - descendants of Lancelot, and the Wilthrics - descendants of Bedivere.


The End

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