Holloway Village

The village is located in a valley in the middle of the Secret South, though it is reached through Portals when travelling from the Sanctuary. It is featured in The Element Adventures as a bitter village comprised of mostly humans who actively show their hatred for magi. They are seen to be burning a witch in the village square, have held hate rallies and openly shun any magi through signs and flyers.

There appear to be mainly elderly humans living in the village, as well as those working at the village factory which is powered by coal and is rumoured to give the village buildings their blackened appearance. The most interesting feature of Holloway Village is that it is in perpetual Winter, even in the blazing weather of Summer. The reasons for this are unknown, some believe it to be a magi curse, adding to the village's hatred.

A variety of shops and locations are featured in The Element Adventures from Holloway. Some of the shops have either magi or tolerant humans working in them, an example being Sewer's Clothing, which sells the Sanctuary's uniform in the basement of the shop. Polaris' Leather is known to sell shoes, satchels and other leather items. Capricorns specialises in second-hand antique books, some which may or may not be magickal.

The Magi Glade is situated near the top of the left hill out of the valley. It is said to be a sacred site where a glade of trees of different species grows. It is here that young magi have selected their wands for centuries, often as an induction ritual into the Craft. The Sanctuary believes it to be a compulsory exercise, and takes the first forms here under supervision every year.

The End

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