The Sanctuary

A concept begun by Whiteas Paradam, descendant of the knight Percival, the Sanctuary exists to keep magi and mystics of the new generation safe from the terror of humanity and the rule of the Elemental Court.

The original Sanctuary was at the edge of the Northern Mountains, an estate owned for centuries by the Tetractys society and acquired by the Paradams. It began in Year 8250 as a home for all ages of mystics and magi, it was successfully kept secret for almost fifteen years. However, the student Sapphire Salimandra sold out her fellow magi in return for safety in the nearby human town. Consequently, many were killed and the survivors fled South to the Tetractys' second property. After a traumatic few days, Whiteas Paradam suffered a heart attack and died two days after they arrived safely.

Whiteas' brother Percival took control of the Southern Sanctuary a few months later, inspired to continue the program by his ward Anala, rather than shut it down and take the residents safely into the Forestlands. Percival changed the system of the Sanctuary, giving it more of an institute feeling, inviting wild mystics into the White and Black forests in a bid to educate the students. The residents were limited to those of school age, and professors were employed from all across Maegard to teach, mentor and protect the children.

Then, in a bid to protect the royal families and try to return them to their thrones, Percival arranged for the young generation of Elementals to be smuggled from their guarded estates, with assistance from Tetractys contacts. The Elementals remain at the Sanctuary until graduation year, at which point they will be coronated and claim back their titles.

The Sanctuary's motto is 'tueri somnians, somnio esse', which translates as "protect the dreamer, be the dream." The crest is comprised of the crests of all of the academies except for the Shifters, a large 'S' in the centre.

The End

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