The Secret South

The Secret South is, as the name suggests, a mysterious county relatively hidden from the sights of the Elemental Court. Though the Mageheim Protection Act allows magi to hide safely in the Forestlands, the remaining magi noble families remain at their estates in the South. Their power and influence has meant that the government shy away from attempting to arrest or control them completely.

The south comprises mostly of fields and hills. High peaks and mountains lie further to the east, with the north edge covered in forestry not belonging to Forestland borders. There are three main rivers which supply water to all parts of the South, and a bay is located to the west of the city of Kilvayne, where trade often bound for the Eastern Ridge docks overnight.

To the east is a long strip of land which leads into the depths of the Forestlands. It is called Peace-man's Pass and is the one legal way for humans or outside bodies to address the officials in the Forestlands without breaking the MPA, stating that no humans may enter the borders.

Your path takes you to three possible locations:

The Sanctuary - famous amongst magi and unknown to humans, the Sanctuary is a castle estate at the tip of the Secret South where the young generation may hide and be schooled in the Craft or simply follow a normal school life. This kind of education is unavailable in the Forestlands. This location features prominently in The Element Adventures, and is the hiding place of the Elemental royal families.

Holloway Village - a destination for residents of the Sanctuary when in need of shopping and supplies. It is famed as a strange location where it is constantly Winter despite surrounding warm weather.

The Tetractys - a society comprising of ten families, committed to watching over magi who are living secretly in the Four Corners, often in the lands owned by those families.

Enjoy your travels!

The End

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