The Outlawed East

The Outlawed East is a special county in that half of its land is a designated prison facility. It is separated into two areas, the south with encampments and streets forming the mass city of Vincula, and the north, an empty terrain that spells "freedom" to the residents.

The south is made up of marshy land occupied by plain houses in ordered rows and streets. The Outlawed East accommodates an array of prisoners, from petty shoplifters to rapists and murderers, though the highest security prisoners remain on the island of Helheim. There is no split in district between lesser and higher crimes, however there is a differentiation in the quality of accommodation. The worst of homes resemble grey boxes of stone, with little comfort in any areas. All criminals begin at this level, however depending on good behaviour, a prisoner can advance to better housing. These may have their own water supply or a fireplace, and quality continues to improve. Promotion is determined by the years that a prisoner has spent in Vincula, the conviction which imprisoned them, and any additional convictions whilst there.

Wardens watch over Vincula from stone watch towers all across the land. They are often very strict and under the rule of the Elemental Court, can be physically abusive to prisoners. They enforce the curfews as well as guiding wealthy businesspeople around the area, who often travel into Vincula to acquire workers. If prisoners agree, their sentence may be shortened, or they may be offered material objects to improve their living standards. The wardens are aware of magi who may be living in Vincula, and if they openly perform magick, they are taken away to a hidden facility outside of the East, never seen again.

Between the two lands is a long path known as the Passage, and at each end lies a Sicarius Gate. Vincula is bordered by a stone wall, patrolling along this is the blinded hellhound referred to as Doug. The surrounding fields grow wheat and corn, which some prisoners are put to work on. The gates are always open, but a convict must face many obstacles if they wish to successfully escape.

Shortly past the far Sicarius Gate is a long path called Villain's Run, leading up to the Mountains of Solicitude, where many convicts are fooled into believing they will be able to hide in. However, the mountains are covered by skilled guards who are allowed to shoot on sight, taking down many escapees. The area surrounding the path is known as Target Plains, which has no cover against the fire of the guards, except for forests far on the edge and deadly swamps. A beach lines the land past the mountains, a place where pirate ships sometimes pass on the off-chance they can acquire new men, but with the low escape rate, this barely ever happens.

Access is granted into Vincula to those with appropriate paperwork, needed in case the guards in the mountains try and strike down carriages. There are no restrictions on magick in the north Bandit Lands, however a ban is in place in all other areas.

The End

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