The Tradewind West

The Tradewind West is the access point for all of Anamae's imports and exports, an exception being the Northern Mountains for sending supplies to the Thirteen Isles. It is heavily guarded against piracy, which is prohibited all across Anamae, though pockets of Oceanus are known to be pirate bases. Six watch points lie on the borders, at the ends of the land, in structures resembling wooden crows nests where soldiers are required to live at months at a time.

The Tradewind West has access points for ships through two rivers which lead from Oceanus into a large lagoon in the centre of the county. These rivers have formed two islands which are common holiday homes for nobles, often the first point of contact with merchants owning valuable cargo. The lagoon is surrounded by hundreds of warehouses, inns and concessions, spreading out a fair distance. In the centre of the lagoon is a main watch point, and wading in the shallow waters are soldiers riding boobries, birds resembling cranes almost ten feet tall. This allows soldiers to board incoming ships and to catch smugglers with no points of escape. However, the boobries are known for eating any of the incoming or outgoing cattle that they may see. 


Hidden somewhere within the city surrounding the lagoon is the Market of Pandora. This is a famous market that is known for selling innocent merchandise as well as taboo, forbidden and illegal items. Items can include alicorn, deadly nightshade and texts which are falsely advertised to give humans the abilities of magick. It is here that pirates aim to sell into, stowing cargo away on an innocent ship to reach the city. Although the royal families attempt to quell this trade, the market is renown to disappear for a couple of months and reappear somewhere else in the city, or even as far out as past the city borders. The market has also proved valuable as it is the simplest way to catch smugglers and pirates by placing royal spies in its midst.


Past the city is land comprised mostly of unpopulated hills and valleys. There are many sources of water flowing from the lagoon, but the most popular inhabitants are nomads entering Anamae and travelling onwards into the Forestlands or the Northern Mountains. Notable villages and towns that feature in The Element Adventures can be found here.

The village of Castia once stood in the north west on the outskirts of the coastal forests. This was once the home of Tayna Ilmatar, who was placed with a foster family here by her mother Queen Aaralyn. The village was then attacked by Mastery operatives, who burnt it to the ground and murdered all of the residents apart from Tayna, who tapped into her Air magick to escape. Whilst fleeing the scene, Tayna is found by Principal Paradam and the Wilthric twins, promptly brought with them to the Sanctuary.

The town of Karahaye is also mentioned as the former home of Akari Ruadhan, the royal draca'nhara. It was here that she first made contact with Uaine, a rogue dragon that had recently lost its master, subsequently lost and confused. Akari was able to stab the dragon with a pitchfork whilst crushed beneath it. Though the other citizens urged her to kill it, she unknowingly formed a connection with the dragon, and from then on became the new mistress. In a trance-like state, she left Karahaye astride Uaine, but is remembered with a statue that names her as Akari draca'keryv, meaning "dragon killer" in Maedaal.

Mulcan is a small and discreet town which has become the headquarters for the nomad Raido clan. They are committed to ending human tyranny and bring back magi rule in Maegard. They actively oppose the authority in Mulcan and surrounding areas. The clan came to attention of the Elemental Court when a cargo set to take their leader Tirian to Helheim for magickal crimes against the peace. His wife Elena publicly delivered a speech to distract the guards, giving the others the time to load gunpowder into the empty carrier ship and blow it up.

The End

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