The Darklands

The Darklands are two areas between the Forestlands, the Northern Mountains and the Tradewind West.

Though small, they are areas where nothing new can grow, and where no animals can create a long-term home. It lacks vegetation, and they are nothing but plains of dark, dry soil. The borders of the Darklands end very suddenly, and life is able to grow immediately outside.

Both of these areas are thought to be areas where the gods and goddesses fought against Mellicit in the Days of Darkness. The power demonstrated is thought to be so great and damaging that the earth was permanently scarred and unable to recover, burning with fire, killed of all plant life and drained of all water. The Darklands are a constant reminder to all of the power of the Elementals.

There are no residents on the Darklands, however one race, the Dark Elves, live below in the underground tunnel system. It is thought to be cursed land, a place where many refuse to tread, the Elven for instance, making it an easy hiding place for them, as well as a place to take those they have kidnapped.

The End

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