The Forest Guardians

Forest Guardians are a group of warriors originating from the Western kingdom of Valteria/Vantamael, charged with keeping the peace in the Forestlands, as well as defending them from human attack.

It is not known as to when the Forest Guardians were established in Anamae, but is thought to be at the turn of the 81st century. They uphold their cultures and traditions even when travelling across Oceanus to the East. Most are of the same Valterian ethnicity, distinguished by dark features and olive tone skin, however many natives of Anamae and further have joined them over the years.

The Forest Guardians are bureaucratic, the base in the Forestlands controlled by an official known as a "Regulator". Like an institution, there are uniforms for both sexes, cloaks of green velvet as well as black and white underclothes for men, and for women, green and black short kimonos. Each have a medallion brooch which allows them to gain entrance to the Forest Guardian headquarters through magickal columns, as well as combining with their magickal essences so that they can be identified as Forest Guardians from a distance.

An important aspect of Forest Guardian life is the ownership of a tachi sword. The swords are forged with a drop of the future owner's blood threaded through it, bonding it to them for life. Upon its creation, the sword has its own name that the owner endeavours to discover, through training, meditation and self-discovery. Once the Forest Guardian learns the name, the sword is able to perform ancient magick specific to the character of the owner. It is thought that no Guardian can use another's sword, though it is believed possible if the sword is passed down through generations.

Forest Guardian culture has been challenged because of the nature of its family system. Almost all descendants of Forest Guardians are expected to become Guardians themselves, unless they prove inept at the needed skills. As well as this, the constant missions and separation of Guardians means that it is very difficult to maintain a family. Many children are born from one-night affairs, and in some cases, the name of the father is never known. If so, the child takes the surname of "Hogo-sha". Most Forest Guardian females step down to have children, and after raising them, few return to missions. It is rare for the father to ever step down, and are therefore not thought of as an active player in his children's lives, except later in life when the father often trains them to be Guardians.

The End

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