The Elven

The Elven are a clan of creatures living atop the mountain of the Palace of Elphame, in the Forestlands of Anamae. For centuries, they have been a private and spiritual group who venture from the mountain only in matters of urgency.

Elven had been separated from their lower counterparts, the Imus elves, who are the same size as brownies, and therefore have little reputation amongst the Elven. It is not clear who is the original, purer race, whether Elven are in fact the product of elves and humans or magi, or if Imus elves are the less-evolved strand of the species.

The Elven are divinely attractive, and are very often pale-featured. They have pointed ears, much longer than those of pixies. They are all white-skinned, rumoured to glow at times, and have slim, willowy frames, unable to take on much muscle. Elven age in pre-pubescence at the same time as humans or magi, but in adolescence, this slows significantly. It is estimated that they age physically one year for each twenty years of their life. The magickal methods that the Elven have developed means that they can heal from physical injury easily, and if not afflicted by fatal injury or disease, they can live to be well over a thousand years old.

Elven society is often based on monarchy, though in extenuating circumstances, the Elven elders are able to choose a new leader, often their own kin or even themselves. They take the titles of empress and emperor, alleging control of the "Light realm", often thought to mean Aethyr or even the Summerland. For over three hundred years, the Elven were ruled by Emperor Freyr, but the throne was then taken by Empress Regnant of Light, Calidon, whose rule is witnessed in The Element Adventures.

The Elven do not confirm any belief in a deity or following any specific religion, often they posit the belief of energy in every living thing, and within this energy lies Light, what they believe to be the highest and purest form of magick in existence. For many years, the Elven dedicate themselves to controlling Light magick, which they believe can be done so through the mastering of the 'Seven Tempers', which they represent by a seven-pointed star. These are believed to be influences and hindrances to the strength and purity of magick, included in the seven are desire, fear and sorrow, all which some Elven believe they have conquered and reached a higher spiritual state. Though this is disputed by many, some examples can be found in the powers of important Elven. Empress Calidon has developed a technique using the bow "Purdeb", where everything that the arrow touches is cleansed of impurities, to the extent that it can cleanse death and disease from the body.

The Palace of Elphame is spread out in several buildings up the mountain, with the main receiving palace lying nearer the bottom. The trek up the mountain can be treacherous because of thin ledges, as well as strong winds, however it is believed that magickal wards are placed to stop anybody from falling. The architecture is very lavish, with statues and pillars often made from pure materials like jade and quartz. Water is delivered through a spring at the very top of the mountain, and the Elven have created irrigation systems to water all of their gardens, where rare, beautiful and medicinal plants grow. There are estimated to be two hundred Elven living on the mountain, and all are housed in some part of the palace, be it the servant's quarters or the training barracks, both of which are still quite luxurious.

The Elven have no enemies apart from the Dark Elves, who dwell in the Darklands of Anamae, underground. The Elven are outnumbered, but are far more skilled than their enemies, and every attempted attack has been stopped in the past. However, the Elven are of the constant belief that the Dark Elves will one day begin a war, and are in constant preparation for battle, even though their lifestyle is laid back and merry.

The End

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