The Rest of Anamae

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The Tradewind West is a land rich in activity, receiving almost all travellers trying to reach Anamae. Not only is it a occupied by a huge port, but the outer areas are often estates for very rich merchants and businesspeople, as well as some nobles from the Western Hemisphere who holiday in Anamae.

The Outlawed East is Anamae's primary prison, far bigger than the island of Helheim, but with a broader selection of criminals. The East is divided into a few key areas, and though many convicts attempt to escape, none have been successful.

The Southern South is the most secure place for magi excepting the Forestlands, as many noble magi families live and own land there. The most important place in the South is The Sanctuary, a hiding place for young magi and mystics, owned by the noble Percival Paradam. It is here that The Element Adventures focusses greatly on, and is the residence of the young Elemental royals.

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