The Northern Mountains

A mostly icy region, the Northern Mountains is the most sparsely inhabited area in Anamae. Grasslands lie on opposite sides of the mountain range, a corner of the north a field of geysers. Springs, both hot and cold, run through the mountains, delivering water sources to the inhabitants, and also to the residents of the Forestlands. 

The Northern Mountains neighbours with the land of Jotunheimr, the land of the sleepy and irritable Frost Giants, who often cause blizzards that sweep through the mountains in quick but violent bursts. As well as the weather, the mountains can reach very high altitudes, making most uninhabitable, though the various valleys between ranges and icy woods are occupied. Villages are known to be snowed in for up to a month because of avalanches and snowstorms. Because of these conditions, those in the Northern Mountains are often segregated from outside forces, the postal service, the Brownie Information Bureau, is notably slow, as it can take weeks for hobs to traverse the conditions.

In the south of the region, between the mountains and the grasslands are the Red Mountains of Alkair, a strange phenomenon, made of a rare stone that is coveted by traders in the West. The mountains also shadow the Mellicit estate to which the descendants were exiled after abdicating to the Elemental Court.

The Northern Mountains are also affected by the war between the Thirteen Isles of the Halknor Crescent and Rhurak. Although the Thirteen Isles remain a sovereign kingdom, they are protected by the likes of nearby Anamae, who have helped them to defend against Rhurak, and even offer them refuge in coastal Algora.

In The Element Adventures, the village of Bootabin is featured as the home of the Wilthric family, a mainly human location. The location of a Northern Sanctuary is also mentioned, one which belonged to the Tetractys and burnt down after the betrayal of Sapphire Salimandra. It is thought to lie north of the mountain range at the edge, near Jotunheim.

The mountains are also thought to be the most likely location of the secret land that the gods and goddesses are thought to have resided in at the beginning of creation. Here, in Veritatem legend, Luthorn was born after being raised by his sisters, and it is where the Ten were thought to have sacrificed themselves on the altar of Aiteros. It is also believed to be the location of the Grand Arch, the portal to Midgard which was created at the surge of power caused by the gods' death, and controls all other Arches across Maegard. Many adventurers have attempted to find this place, but none have been able to locate the entrance. It is now commonly believed that the Elementals are the only ones able to find the entrance, though a royal quest of this nature has never been conducted.

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