The Forestlands

The Forestlands has become an asylum for magi and mystics fleeing from the persecution of humans. The 'Mageheim Protection Act' was passed in Year 8302 after the simultaneous murder of the Avaric family, and the incident in the village of Arlnor, also known as 'Massacre 727".It was initiated by Queen Torella Demetra in light of the death of her Companion, Marigalot, and on the proposal of the Avaric queen, Princess Shayla was appointed as vicereine of the Forestlands. The Forestlands is also said to be protected by the Heart, a magickal object which is thought to have great power, and is guarded by Princess Shayla alone.

The only way to legally gain entrance into the Forestlands is through Peace-Man's Pass, a thin path of land belonging to the Secret South that heads deep into the woods. Magickal wards inhibit anybody entering from another way, and if the wards are somehow broken, armed sentries are posted at every point in the treetops.


Peace-Man's Pass ends very near to the mountain where the Palace of Elphame lies, the homes of officials in the Forestlands are built on the lower tiers. Here live the Elven, a spiritual race believed to have mastered the powers of Light. They have not fought in wars for over five hundred years, but have an ongoing rivalry with the Dark Elven, who they believe will soon begin a war. For this reason, they are in constant training and fighting practice.


The Forestlands is mainly comprised of endless forests and fields, with an abundance of lakes and springs, stemming from both the Northern Mountains and the Dead Bay between the Secret South and the Darklands, areas to the south and west of the Forestlands where nothing grows.

Mount Falhaer is a high peak that lies to the east of the mountain of the Palace of Elphame. This is a sacred place as, in legend, it is where the goddess Demetra created her consort and Companion Avaric, mixing the bleed of the Mother into the roots of a great ash tree. The tree is thought to never die, and is so high that it was thought to touch the Aethyr. The leaves shine as gold as ichor, the blood of the gods from which it was nurtured. It is believed to have great ties with the Avaric line, and when the Avaric family were murdered, the tree shook and finally began to lose its leaves, renewed only when the new heir reached pubescence.

Another notable land marker is Nysa Valley, also known as Nymph Hill, a place where the court of the Forestlands convenes away from the Elven, who although do not have any powers over the Forestlands, are thought to be very wise and important, often asked for advice.

Three postal institutions lie in the Forestlands, the magickal mail systems are worked by creatures known as Hobs, small faery-like creatures such as brownies, hobgoblins and full-blood pixies. The three buildings, at triangular points over the Forestlands at the south, east and west, are not named, however have been given the names Brownie Information Bureau, Pixie Order Office, and Society of Hobgoblin Imports and Trade. Their crass acronyms are a point of humour for the workers.


In the modern world, the Forestlands are divided into segregated districts which have clans and villages for each type of resident, be they magi or mystic. Some are family clans, whilst others are single-sex and created for warrior training purposes. However, in earlier years, before the extremities of the human population, there were eleven Houses of Old, who had claim to the Forestlands, unlike the Tetractys, who had claim of land everywhere else. The Houses of Old had villages accomodating magi and a race known as the aos sí, who although are original settlers of Maegard, possess no magick. For this reason, they are often misunderstand as humans, and although only those with provable Maegard lines remain in the Forestlands, most have been able to integrate into the growing human society. When the royal families began to move magi and mystics into the Forestlands, many residents of the Houses of Old were displaced and the villagers were relocated into the Four Corners. The Houses of Old fell apart, and some of the nobles of these families still remain bitter at their loss of power.


As well as a body of officials protecting the Forestlands, and the mysterious Heart, the land is also guarded by those known as Forest Guardians, code-bound warriors living to the west of the mountain of the Palace of Elphame, originally from Valteria and a culture which refers to them as the Hogo-sha. 

The End

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