The kingdom of Anamae lies almost in the centre of Maegard, however is separated from the West by vast Oceanus. It is the largest land mass of all, each of its divided counties large enough to form a single kingdom. All of Maegard is ruled by the Elemental royals, but unlike the Eastern Ridge and the West, Anamae does not have any independent ruling body to speak of. Its highest form of authority, which has a direct link with the royal families, is the Tetractys, an order made from the descendants of the ten knights of ancient King Artorius. They own specific lands across Anamae, sometimes over certain villages, and monitor the condition of Anamae as the eyes and ears of the royal families.

Anamae is divided up into five areas, today you may take three paths. To:

The Forestlands, the central area of Anamae, and has become a place of safety for magi and mystics in the years of human oppression. Many creatures are hidden here, and the residents used to live without a ruler, but are now governed by Princess Shayla, Guardian of the Horn. Another high-profile group are the elven living in the Palace of Elphame on the mountain in the centre of the Forestlands, ageless and spiritual creatures.

The Northern Mountains, a cold, mountainous region full of mystery and unexplored areas. In legend, it is the location of the entrance of Cruachan, the land where the gods and goddesses once lived together, and where the Great Arch resides. South of the mountains is an area of grassland where the phenomenon of the Red Mountains of Alkair stand, alongside the Mellicit estate.

Or, continue to the Rest of Anamae. The Trade-wind West is a land usually reserved for noble family estates, and the hills are occupied by many important officials and businesspersons. The Outlawed East is the vast prison district, the prison itself is separated by the Sicarius Gates, which very few pass out of alive into open Bandit County. Finally, the Secret South will take you to many notable places, including the Sanctuary, the refuge for young magi and mystics, to Holloway Village, a place of eternal, bitter Winter, and even to the city of Caelbrich, a place with unspecified ties to the Sanctuary...

Choose wisely. 

The End

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