Eastern Hemisphere

The Eastern Hemisphere is far more affected by the human population than the West, as most of the Arches have arisen there. It is separated into two main areas, the vast kingdom of Anamae, and the Eastern Ridge, a cluster of kingdoms across the Ashen Sea. Not far from the south of Anamae lies Helheim, an island prison where the vilest and most dangerous criminals reside, human, mystic and magus alike.

Make your decision.

Yonder to the great kingdom of Anamae, a land divided into five sections, the Four Corners and the Forestlands. Learn of the illegal trades within the West or the squalor of the East, all whilst discovering where the young descendants of the royal family spent their childhoods.

Or perhaps to the Eastern Ridge, immerse yourself in the vampyre population of Charlaton, or the violent war between Rhurak and the Thirteen Isles. If you are brave, take a boat from Rhurak into Muspelheimr, trying to avoid the flying volcanic rock on the way.

If that doesn't appeal to you, discover the convicts at Helheim, and maybe even come across an especially mysterious inhabitant...

The End

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