In the language of Maedaal, the name Maegard translates as "magick place."

Indeed, it is a world where the majority of the natives possess magick, and parallels with the world of Midgard, which is also known as the human world. 

Maegard is predominantly split into two halves, separated by vast Oceanus. Because of the vast distance, culture, species and language amongst others is different in the East and West. The only similarity that the two halves share is that though they have separate kingdoms and royals, the empire of Maegard is controlled by the ten Elemental royal families. In legend, they are descended from a pantheon of gods and goddesses who gave themselves physical bodies before they were destroyed and incarnated their divine powers into the bodies of ten new-born children, who began the Elemental bloodlines. 


In the Western Hemisphere, you will find mysterious civilisations, segregated from the quickly-advancing culture of the East, rich in their own ways and beliefs. The lands of Verelm and Vantamael are renown for producing many nobles who became partners of the Royal Ten. There are many sacred islands, namely the land of Vanaheim, home to the Keepers, attendants of the god Eldnor, who were gifted with prophecy and the task of locating the new bloodlines after the deaths of the pantheon. The small island of Sidhe is the homeland of the mischievous yet divine fae, and Anthemoessa off the coast of Vantamael is the home of the Sirens, where Erin, professor of the Sanctuary, left to escape ridicule from a society she did not fit into.

Further to the south lies the island of Adynatos, the residence of the royal families as well as different tribes such as the Ra'theke and the Amazons. It is also famed for its intense protection around it, the maddening Phantasmagorical Mist, and the island's magickal portals to lands of ice and desert.


The Eastern Hemisphere is dominated by the kingdom of Anamae, where 'The Element Adventures' is primarily set, containing the Four Corners as well as the Forestlands, where magi and mystics have fled the growing human population, seeking habitat in the land protected by the royal families. The land is ruled over by an immortal queen, overseen by the divine Elven living atop a central mountain in the Palace of Elphame.

The East also offers other kingdoms and civilisations, Muspelheimr, a dormant volcano that citizens live in and around, surrounded by the subsequently tainted Ashen Sea. You will also find the Thirteen Isles of the Halknor Crescent, ice-lands under the constant threat of war by bloodthirsty Rhurak. In Charlaton, seventy percent of the population is vampyre, unbeknowst to the remaining thirty percent, ruled over by Lady Aranaea, whose half-sister is a succubus and forms a merger between the once-battling races.


You may not want to visit either, and instead continue to learn about the land of Midgard and the history between the two worlds. Find out what happened when the Veil broke, when the species first crossed into the other worlds, and the horrific decision both species made to protect their peaceful balance...

You will also find Maegard Miscellaneous, full of extra details on Maegard that just wouldn't fit anywhere else! Want to learn about the currency of different regions, and what the religion of Maegard actually is? (Psst, find the link in the guidance!)

The choice is yours!

The End

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