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An ADDventure detailing information on Maegard, the fictional world in which my series, The Element Adventures is written. In the saga, the chronicles have been created by Dana and Lucrem, parents to Prince Calain of the Eldnor royal family.

The information detailed in these chronicles, which I hope shall grow to plenty, has been amassed over many years of my travelling across Maegard. From the peaks and edges of both Eastern and Western Hemispheres, my husband and I have travelled to create this.

We hope that it shall become of use to you, enlightening, educating and comforting in any situation that may arise. Please consider that, to the best of our knowledge, this information is the truth, but we apologise for any misinterpretations that may arise throughout the chronicle's publication.

Kind regards,

Her Royal Highness, Queen Dana II of the line of Eldnor



The End

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