"Mary, who is it?" I shouted out to her, waiting for an answer. But there came no sound from her. I got up, and was at the door in seconds. What i saw, left me dumbstruck. Hally. She stood there, as beautiful as ever, in the dark clothing that i burried her in.

"W-wow," was all i could move my mouth enough to say. Hally smiled a beautiful smile back at me.

"I know." She replied, "it's a lot to take in, but can i just ask, what the hell happened?" Hally asked,

"Well, um, you remember that guy, Reid, don't you?" Hally paused to think for a moment,

"Oh, yeah, i remember him."

"Well, he chopped your head off." I informed her. Hally's eyes grew wider, and she gasped in a short breath.

"Wh-wha-? Huh?"

"That's why you were in a coffin." I explained. Tears began streaming from her beautiful eyes. She ran to me with vampire speed, and hugged me with what was probably all her strength.

The End

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