Dead or Alive?


My eyes fluttered open. I looked around the small space i was in. It was comfortable, and white. It had pillow-like walls, and a pillow like floor. Was i in a bed? No; i was in a coffin. I immediatly started to claw at the roof -or lid- of the coffin. I pulled bits off, trying to get free. It was getting hard to breathe. Being a vampire, i could go for a long time without breathing. But not forever. I was making good progress with the hole i was making at the top; i was already to the wooden part. Now what? How was i going to break through that? I tried, using all of my strength, but i had no luck. So i tried to push the lid open, again with no luck. I closed my eyes, and tried to gain the strength needed. But i didn't have to; the wood burst open, and there was alread a whole leading up above ground. I was free. But who did this for me? When i got to the ground, i glanced around; no one was there. I walkedaround the gloomy graveyard, searching for my saviour behind mouldy tombstones, inside rotting mausoleums. I couldn't find them anywhere.

"Hello? Anybody there?" I shouted, loud enough to awake anyone here. No answer. I kept quiet, hoping to hear anything; breathing, movement, anything. But all i heard was, strangely enough, moaning. But that was just the wind; no one was awake, if they were underground. So i gave up, and walked out.

I was trying to remember how i had got underground. But all i could think of was that horrible knife flying at me. And then just blackness. I couldn't think of that anymore; it freaks me out, and that is very bad, if you're in a graveyard. Not long after that, i got to our house. I walked to the door, and gave three knocks. The door creaked open. Mary.

The End

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