Reid Cromwell.

I was furious. I hated whoever did this; they should pay, in blood. I was thinking of gruoesome ways to kill whover did this; ripping strips of skin off of their necks, until their head fell off. My daydreaming was intterrupted by Mary. She was waving a hand in front of my eyes, saying "Ritchard? Riiitchard? You there?" I blinked a few times, adjusting my eyes to reality.

"Huh? Oh, Mary. Did you want something?" I asked her. I had no idea how long i was delving into my imagination.

"Yes. I want you to get up, and go somewhere! You haven't moved from that spot for three weeks. And it's getting kinda boring without you." She explained. Three weeks? Wow.  I did what she said. I got up and went inside. And sat down again.

"Happy now?" She pulled me from the chair and dragged me out of the house, where Rachel was waiting patiently.

"C'mon! We're going somewhere!" Rachel exclaimed,

"Where?" I asked,

"Anywhere!" She replied.

The End

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