I let the diary drop from my grip. I heard low murmurs from downstairs, so i listened in, trying to make out what i could.

"-you hear that?...-upstairs-..." They knew i was here. Footsteps were caming up the stairs like drums. I could almost smell her. I trited to find a way out, a window? But no. I was trapped. I was trapped, and awaiting my doom. When she saw me, she wasn't surprised. Or even angry. She was emotionless.

"You found it, huh." was all that she said. I raced past her, trying to get the hell out of this place, back to Hally, back to sense. But when i got home, i was suprised to find an unhappy present at home. Hally, lying on the floor. And her head a metre away. I ran to her as fast as i could. I tried to hold back the tears, to make my emotions go away. With no luck. Mary appeared at the door.

"Hey Rich, can me and Rachel go and-" She stopped mid sentence, seeing Hally.

The End

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