Wendy's Deepest Darkest Secrets.

The next morning, I went to Wendys house, realising that it was probably empty; they probably abandoned it after i found out where they lived. But they were still there. They were going to leave, just not quite yet; they were packing all of the cat statues, and Angelina was lifting an enormous grandfather clock, with ease, into a convertible BMW car.  Show offs. I couldn't beleive how easy it was to lift the window out of the way, and climb in, and run upstairs with blinding speed.

Downstairs may have been homey, but the upstairs was like another world, completely different to the facade downstairs. There wasn't much up here; just two rooms, one of them with just a bed, probably Angelina's room. And in the other room, there was a bed, a wardrobe, and a desk. On the desk was a light, and a little white book. A diary. I opened the diary to the first page, and i read:

12th October 1976.


Today wasn't very fruitful, as i had no food to quench my thirst for blood. All i did, all i could do, was just lurk in an alleyway, hoping for a lonely beggar, or at least some type of animal to walk by. No such luck. I despised the Vampires for making this of me; a lonely, weak, creature, with the needs of a measly mosquito. I wish i could kill all vampires, as payback for what they're kind has done to me. I don't think of myself as one of them; I still think of myself as Lady Wendy Crimson, a high class, beautiful woman. Of course, my beauty didn't wear away, in fact, it grew, but important things were lost, due to the change. Things like my soul, my conscience, and my life.


13th October 1976.


Still no luck with the hunting, but i did get lucky in another way; i met a man. A brilliant man, who likes me for who i am, and not just my beauty. A nice young man; good looking, his name is Reid Cromwell.

Uh oh...

He had the same last name as me. Was he my brother? Father? He was definately family. I read on to find out about my supposed brother/ father.

I think i am in love with this man. And i will never fall out of it.


I skipped a few chapters, trying to find out more about my family, but, instead i came across somethign horrifying; he was Angelina's father. She was the spawn of a member of my family. He must be evil. Or at least crazy.

The End

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