Angelina tried to wiggle her self free, unsucessfully.

"Don't try it, you have to answer some questions of ours. Now, where shall we start? Hmm.." I said, in a way, mocking her.

"How about we start with you taking this knife out of me."

"that might be a good idea. Im not gonna do it though. I dont care how much you try, you're a vampire; you can take it!" She growled in responce.

"now, we're making progress, now, how old are you, exactly?"

"one hundred and seventy two years old. And a half." she answered, giving in.

"Uh huh, and how old is Wendy?" I was very curious about the answer to this. The answer that never came. She kicked me in the shin, probably using all of her strength. It didn't hurt, but i looked down to see what had happened. When i looked up, she was gone. I didn't even feel her leave; one minute i was holding her neck, and the next, i was grasping thin air. Angelina was gone.

The End

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