"B-But, you're just a young girl! Why would Wendy get you to kll someone?" I ranted on and on about how unfair Wendy was for getting her daughter to do her dirty work. I didn't care that this poor girl was about to kill me. I cared that she might get hurt.

" I've killed before! I do it all the time! I'm her secret weapon! Now stop stalling." She shouted, waking Hally up, who had a knife around Angelina's neck within seconds.

"You're that little girl, Angela, right?"


"Whatever." she didn't sound very interested. She let the tip of the knife touch Angelinas neck, and slid it across, slitting her throat. But instead of dying, Angelina just stood there, smiling. I noticed that the wound had dissapeared, within seconds! She must be a vampire.

"How could you be a vampire? who would turn a young girl?" I was getting even angrier at all of the horrid people (or vampires) that had ruined this young girls life -now death-.

"I didn't get turned, you dumb freak! i was born this way! In case you didn't know, if a vampire gives birth to you, you're automaticly a vampire at birth!" she explained. I knew what she was telling me. But i didn't get one thing

"But you said that Wendy is you're mother." Which would make Wendy a vampire. Impossible.

"Yes, she is. She gave birth to me; she is a vampire!" Angelina screeched. I was surprised that Mary and Rachel hadn't awoke yet. I let my mind take all of this in; Wendy was a vampire. Angelina is her daughter, who is also a vampire! how could this be happening? That wasn't the first time I had asked myself this, but it was the first time i acctually meant it. But suddenly, Angelina threw the sharp blade through the air, aiming it at my heart. I stepped to the left, out of the way, and grabbed it from the air, twisted around, and threw it at Angelina. It whisteled through the air for a second, and then Angelina was pinned to the wall, with the knife through her shoulder, stuck into the white wall. I sauntered toward her, happy that i had stopped a killing, and smiled at Angelina,

"now, i suppose we have some talking to do." I told her pleasently.

The End

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