I looked for Ritchard desperately. If i didnt find him, i would find a way to die. To try to kill myself. But i turned a corner, and there he was. Standing there with a little child. The love of my death. Ritchard


Hally stood there, close to tears, staring at me, and then staring at Angelina, questionally. I ran to her with impossible speed, and our lips met passionately. The kiss was fierce. There was an angry edge to the way her lips moved with mine.

"you're angry." i accused,

"no, just tense." she explained. I kissed her again. On the way home, i explained about Angelina, and what had happened. We went to bed, but at 1:46 in the morning, i awoke with a shock. Shock that Angelina was trying to stab me. Uh oh.

"My mother needs you to be killed!" she screamed at me.

"who's your mother?" i asked,

"Wendy." that one name changed my thoughts on Angelina.

The End

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