I drifted in and out of consciousness before i awoke properly. My eyes fluttered open, as i took in my new surroundings. The girl was still there, but instead of a cave, we were in a house. Wendy's house. My fear immediately turned into anger. What had she been doing to us? Experiements, probably. I got up, and walked around the room, searching for Wendy. I saw the girl, and asked

"Whats your name?"

"A-An-Angelina." she stuttered. I walked around the room, noting all of the items Wendy seemed to love; cat statues, vases. The room was acctually very homey. But i guess it was all for show. But why would she just leave us here unguarded? I looked around, searching for someone. Nothing,

"Angelina, why haven't you left? Nothing's keeping us here, is it?" i asked,

"there is. A spell." she said, nodding to the door. There was a glowing purple aura around it. It seemed painful. We needed help. I looked around the homey, kind facade of a room that we were in, searching for a window, or something like that. There was nothing. Suddenly, the large oak door slammed open, and Wendy stepped into the room, with a sickly sweet smile on her face.

"You two got nice and comfortable?" She asked, still smiling,

"get us out of here, before i cut you in two." I threatened her. She just laughed, and shook her head. I lunged at her, my fangs aiming at her neck. But then i was frozen to the spot, unable to move.

"Ah ah ah, now now, Ritchard, lets be civilized about this." she said waving her finger from left to right repeatidly. She lowered her hand, and i fell to the ground.

"Civilized? Civilized? Whats civilized about you?"

"there are a lot of things that you dont know about me, Ritchard." She said.

The End

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